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Chaplains, Pastors Make Difference in Lives of Residents

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While not all of our residents ascribe to a particular faith, Providence wants to ensure that every resident has access to a spiritual leader who can comfort them with the Word of God, pray for them, and offer wisdom. Our chaplains and area pastors are active in our communities to meet those needs.

Our annual Pastors Masters is one way we can connect with and celebrate the ministry of the pastors who serve our residents. The 24th Annual Pastors Masters was held this past May at Ruffled Feather Golf Club. Providence welcomed 95 golfers from all over Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana. Attendees enjoyed food, fellowship, and 18 holes of golf.

Our chaplains serve on the front lines of our communities and services.

Throughout the year, many of our communities host events for their residents’ pastors. Pastors have a meal, meet with their parishioners, and learn more about what we have to offer those seniors in their congregations. Of course, our residents welcome the chance to spend time with the leaders of their churches and to show off their lives in our communities.

In addition, our chaplains serve on the front lines of our communities and services. They visit our long-term residents, but they also meet with our patients in hospice and in rehab. Our campus chaplains lead Bible studies, worship services, and other informal gatherings as they get to know the people they serve and the needs of each person.

Chaplains_pastors_make_difference_blog_Portrait_350x350indd.pngOur chaplains provide needed encouragement to residents and their families, especially during times of health crises or death. When people are making difficult end-of-life decisions, speaking to someone with spiritual insight makes all the difference, and that’s what our chaplains provide. They feel strongly about sharing the gospel and the love of God to those they encounter in our communities.

We’re grateful for the partnership we’ve forged with these spiritual leaders.

To help fund the work our chaplains do, you can make a donation here and designate your donation to go toward our Chaplaincy Program.





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