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Hobbies Abound at Providence Senior Communities

Hobbies Abound

Staying active – not only physically, but mentally and socially as well – is an important part of healthy aging. Studies have shown that seniors who stay active and connected live healthier lives. One way to fill this need during retirement is through hobbies, whether indulging in an old favorite or exploring something new. 

Many seniors find that moving to a retirement community such as Providence helps open up a wide network of friendships and experiences that they may not otherwise have encountered. Take a look at just some of the hobbies that community members partake in at our Providence communities:

Exercise Your Body

Residents at Village Woods in Crete and Park Place of St. John get together regularly for a little friendly competition of Wii Bowling.Hobbies_Abound_blog_Portrait_350x3504.png

Exercise is a healthy hobby that improves mood, boosts health, and gives social opportunities. Most of our Providence communities utilize the services of Symbria Well-Being, a company whose specialty is organizing fitness activities for seniors, increasing mobility and building strength.

Earlier this year, our Victorian Village campus celebrated National Fitness Day with a variety of activities designed to get the blood pumping! And when the weather is nice, residents at Village Woods in Crete have the opportunity to enjoy Water Aerobics in our outdoor pool.

Even limited mobility doesn’t need to stop you from enjoying this hobby. Low-impact exercise classes are available, such as the Sit and Stretch class at Royal Atrium Inn. Video games can even get you up off the couch – our Village Woods and Park Place of St. John campuses have an ongoing Wii Bowling tournament which results in some friendly (but serious!) competition!

Exercise Your Mind

Hobbies_Abound_blog_Portrait_350x350.pngBoard games, card games, and brain games keep the brain active. If there’s a game you want to play, chances are you will find someone else who wants to jump in there with you. The Life Enrichment team at Royal Atrium Inn always makes sure to have a fresh selection of brain teasers and word finds available for residents to enjoy. Many of our communities, like Village Woods, have jigsaw puzzles on hand for everyone to pitch in and work on together.

Retirement is also a great time to expand your horizons, culturally. You can join a Book Club and discover a new favorite author or genre that you may not have explored on your own. Our Park Place of Elmhurst residents enjoy outings to visit the many museums in Chicago. And the communities at Royal Park Place and Royal Atrium Inn bring the museum right to their residents’ doorstep by hosting an annual gallery of Tulip Time posters.

Find Your Creativity

Hobbies_Abound_blog_Portrait_350x3502.pngArt stimulates the mind, helps retain dexterity in the fingers, and provides beauty – what more could you ask for in a hobby? No matter a person’s age or skill level, everyone can join in making beautiful items. This is especially true at Park Place of St. John, where the Looming Club meets on Monday afternoons to knit handmade hats for people going through cancer treatment. Another knitting group at Victorian Village has created baby blankets to donate to a local NICU and prayer shawls for the  Ronald McDonald house.

If knitting and crocheting aren’t your forte, there are many other programs to provide a creative outlet. At Park Place of Elmhurst, a writing club meets regularly to encourage each other as they research and record their own genealogies. Park PlHobbies_Abound_blog_Portrait_350x3503.pngace also features an art studio and gallery for residents and community members alike to display and appreciate beautiful works of art.

We invite you to come visit and see the active senior living we offer at our communities. While this list of hobbies for seniors is certainly not exhaustive, we encourage everyone to pursue the activities they love and spend time with those who share that joy. Our Life Enrichment Directors can tell you what activities are available to you and your loved ones. Click here to find the nearest Providence community and see what they can offer.





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