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How to Get the Most out of your Rehab Program

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1. Choose the best rehab in the best setting

Getting the best therapy usually requires some research ahead of time. Make sure you consider not only the actual rehab services offered, but also the setting those services are offered in. If you are going to be staying somewhere for 30 days or longer, you want to enjoy the food, the social activities, the amenities, and the people.

That’s what Robert found. He was recovering from surgery and needed therapy. His doctor recommended Providence. Robert was delighted with not only the therapy he received, but also the caring atmosphere and quality service. At times he would sit in the dining room and just observe the staff interacting with residents and patients. He was always impressed with their attentiveness. “People here,” he said in an interview, “they talk to you. They tell you things to help you.”

2. Do what they tell you

Robert understood that quality therapy is an important part of the equation. (That’s why his doctor referred him to Providence.) But he also knew that success would depend on his own involvement too. “If you want to get well and go home,” said Robert, “you got to do what the people tell you to do.”

Robert endured rigorous workouts during his time at Providence. He maintained an ambitious exercise schedule even after returning home. His dedication paid off in increased strength and mobility.

3. Dress for success

When you come to Providence for rehab we recommend that you bring enough workout clothing for at least one week. People who begin rehab with an expectation of working out — hard! — every day tend to have better outcomes. People who expect to spend their days lying around in their pajamas are often frustrated when they don’t see the physical improvements they were hoping for.

We also recommend that you dress in layers, as the temperature varies in different parts of the building. At Providence locations, your family may do laundry for you during your stay, or you may take advantage of our on-site laundry service at no charge.

4. Imagine your recovery

After a traumatic accident or an extended illness, it can be difficult to focus on recovery goals. But getting the most out of rehab often means remembering the life you want to get back to. That’s what Rudy did.

Rudy began a regimen of therapy after breaking his leg in a fall. His most recent visit was actually his second — he chose to return to Providence because he had stayed with us before and appreciated the caring atmosphere and the effective therapy. Throughout his treatment, Rudy kept in mind his favorite hobby — flying model airplanes with the Woodland Aero Modelers club that he is president of. He talked to other patients about his hobby, and he invited his therapists and visitors to attend the Open House and Model Air Show — which he was determined to participate in. He made it. Rudy worked hard to make a full recovery and get back to the life he loves.

5. Be aware of your options

For many people, spending time on-site for rehab allows them to stay focused on rehab with minimal distractions. But other patients choose to receive rehab at home — through licensed therapists whose visits are usually covered by Medicare. Rehab at home can be an opportunity to re-learn skills and re-gain strength and flexibility in the place where you’ll need them.

Both options are available through Providence Life Services. We offer full rehabilitation services at all our skilled nursing communities:

Park Place Health & Wellness Center (Elmhurst, IL)
Park Place Health & Wellness Center (St. John, IN)
Victorian Village Health & Wellness Center (Homer Glen, IL) 

If you prefer to receive therapy in your own home, contact Providence At Home. Our licensed physical, occupational, and speech therapists follow your doctor’s orders to help you achieve maximum independence. They can customize a rehab program to meet your specific needs, on your schedule, in your home. And our social services staff can help you get the coverage you are entitled to under your Medicare program.

Contact Providence today to get the rehab services you need — for yourself or a loved one — and bookmark this page as a reminder of how to get the most out of your rehab program!





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