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Innovation: A Message from Carl Goodfriend, CIO of ProviNET Solutions

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What is innovation? It’s defined as a new idea, method, or device. Typically, it is the introduction of something new.

At ProviNET Solutions, the IT division of Providence Life Services, we constantly innovate. You could say that innovation is built into the fabric of what we do. Today more than ever, we find ourselves looking to technology to help solve some of the challenges that face us. This article will focus on a couple of vastly different examples of where we are seeing results.


Today we are experiencing a huge labor shortage in every department that serves our residents, and as a result, we find ourselves working short-staffed. We need to find ways to make staff more efficient so they can focus on the essential elements of their job. Earlier this year, we implemented the Whiz Robot to address some of these staffing issues.

The implementation of the autonomous vacuuming robot is not to replace staff, but to augment the team and automate repetitive tasks. This then allows staff to focus on other areas. If you were to meet the robot, it is programmed to stop and move out of the way to minimize risk.

Park Place Health & Wellness Center Administrator Elijah Heyboer says, “We are excited to have the opportunity to utilize these robot vacuums! They will be a great support to our housekeeping staff and will help them save time and offer an opportunity to prioritize their time on other housekeeping items.”

We are also researching robots in our dining areas that can be utilized to assist staff in delivering meals to residents.

Fall Detection & Prevention

Fall reduction goes beyond post-fall detection and pressure pads. Rather, we strive to proactively prevent falls from happening at all. We wish to reduce the number of falls by identifying residents at risk for falls and enhancing their monitoring. This is one area that garners a lot of breakthrough innovations, and PLS has researched emerging solutions to assist in our efforts.

Two modern technologies we have reviewed are 1) acoustical monitoring systems and 2) systems that leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision (the same technology that is used by TSA when you go through security at an airport). The latter system can identify someone’s intent to get out of a bed or chair 30-65 seconds before they do. PLS plans to begin implementation of these systems later this summer.

Providence Life Services continues to make a conscious effort towards innovations and bringing all communities the most helpful technology in the marketplace. Adding these technologies will extend the already great care our employees provide on a daily basis. We appreciate all of our staff’s work, which allows our residents to be comfortable, and we look forward to finding ways to make everyone’s jobs easier.





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