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Six Reasons to Choose Assisted Living

Mom’s doctor suggested Assisted Living. Now it’s up to you to figure out what “Assisted Living” means…

Assisted Living is simply senior housing that includes some nursing care and other supportive services. For many seniors, getting a little assistance can lead to greater independence. Here are six stories that show that at Providence communities, a little “Assisted” can mean a lot more “Living”

1. Help with Everyday Tasks

Six_Reasons_Assisted_Living_blog_Portrait_350x350.pngOur compassionate Assisted Living staff is here to help with daily activities, while maintaining your independence.

People choose Assisted Living when they need help with daily activities like getting dressed, bathing, managing their medications, making meals, doing laundry, or other tasks. 

Licensed staff are available around the clock to help people maintain as much independence as possible. Even if you don’t need that kind of help every day, Assisted Living gives people peace of mind. It’s nice to know help is there when you do need it.

2. Safe Living Environment

You want to make good, smart choices for your parents as their health starts to change. Maybe your father sometimes forgets to take his medication, or takes more pills than he should. Our Assisted Living services can provide just the help your parents need — in the graceful and dignified setting they deserve.

Avis came to live in Assisted Living because she was concerned about her safety at home. “If I’d fall, there would be no one to help me,” she says. “I wouldn’t be able to get up by myself.”

But she didn’t feel that she had to trade in her independence for the extra security. “No one treats you like you’re a child,” she says. “They know us, and they know what we like. They know we’re people who can make our own choices. I like my freedom. They respect that.”

3. Physical Fitness

We all know the importance of staying physically active, but how many seniors actually have exercise equipment at home? At our Providence communities, we not only have fitness centers but also trained instructors to supervise and guide residents through classes such as breathing, balance, and stretching.

Tom takes advantage of the exercise programs at Victorian Village in Homer Glen, Illinois. He appreciates the expert oversight to guide him through the various machines, and he credits their efforts for “keeping me going.”

4. Healthy Meals

Maybe the last time you visited your mother’s house, you opened the fridge to find that it was no longer stocked with the fresh fruits and vegetables that Mom used to enjoy. For many people, grocery store trips and meal preparation becomes more difficult with age, leading to a lack of proper nutrition.

When it’s time to eat, Arlene simply goes down to the dining room at her Assisted Living community. There she has a choice between two available entrees, and fruit and salad. If she’s ever not in the mood for either entrée, she can just order a menu item, such as a burger. She appreciates that grocery shopping is no longer on her to-do list, so she can spend her time and energy doing the things she enjoys. Besides, she says, “I didn’t like to cook anyway.”

5. Home Maintenance

Broken furnaces, icy driveways, clogged gutters – the responsibilities of home ownership can become overwhelming. Not to mention the cost of hiring a handyman or lawn service.

Harry and Lillian have lived in Elmhurst, Illinois, for most of their lives, and worried that they would have to give up their active lifestyle when they moved to Park Place Health & Wellness Center. But they don’t miss the maintenance that owning a home requires, and they still marvel at the fact that any problem they have can be solved with a simple phone call. “I thought it would take away my independence, but it doesn’t,” says Lillian. “It adds to it.”

6. Socialization

Six_Reasons_Assisted_Living_blog_Portrait_350x3502.pngAssisted Living opens opportunities for new friendships and new experiences.

For some people Assisted Living opens up all kinds of new opportunities for socialization. Juanita started a whole new life when she moved into Royal Atrium Inn in Zeeland, Michigan. When she was almost 90 years old, her husband of 70 years passed away, and Juanita was on her own. In addition to feeling lonely, she realized that this was the first time in her life when she was not defined by her relationships to other people — wife, mother, sister, daughter. “I had to rediscover myself,” she says. “What was my purpose for living? What are my likes and dislikes? What skills do I have? What activities do I enjoy?”

Choosing Assisted Living can also ease the burden on your own relationships. We know we can’t take over your role in your loved one’s life — but by taking over some of the work, we can let you go back to being the daughter or spouse that you want to be.

Assisted Living Options

Providence Assisted Living communities offer personalized service in the context of friendly community. Our five locations are listed below, and clicking the links below will take you to the website for that particular location. You can view photos and floor plans, or you can make arrangements to visit in person and learn more:

Illinois – Elmhurst (Park Place Health & Wellness Center)

Illinois – Homer Glen (Victorian Village)

Michigan – Zeeland (Royal Atrium Inn)

Providence also offers assisted-style living in Northwest Indiana through our Catered Living program at Park Place of St. John.

Indiana – St. John (Park Place)





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