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Providence Life Services

ProviNET: Unlocking Potential with Innovative Service

Provinet_blog_Portrait_350x350.pngProviNET Solutions, the IT division of Providence Life Services, has always seized opportunities to use technology to improve the quality of life for older adults. As one of the leading technology solutions providers in senior living, ProviNET continues to be on the forefront of innovative technology for seniors.

If the pandemic showed us any one thing, it is that creative solutions and innovation is more important than ever. During this season of accelerated change, ProviNET has continued to explore and implement new innovations to ease the residents through the changing landscape, which has resulted in better tools to support both the residents and caregivers alike.


To ensure that these innovations can be successfully implemented across communities, ProviNET has recently added a new position to their team: Innovations Liaison. The goal of this position is to create awareness, conduct research, and come up with new innovations for our residents and caregivers.

This liaison is the bridge to help the IT team collaborate with communities to help identify needs and assure new technology is being implemented smoothly. This is likely the first of many similar positions designated to providing the newest and best innovations as ProviNET looks to deliver more of these emerging solutions.

“Innovation is essential to improving the quality of care for our residents,” says Carl Goodfriend, Chief Information Officer at ProviNET.

“We’ve invested a great deal of time and effort delivering solutions to both Providence and our other clients over the past 30 years, and we are excited to expand these solutions to include additional innovations that directly affect our residents.”

Enriching Lives

One thing that sets Providence Life Services apart from other senior living organizations is understanding the needs and unique culture of each community. As a company that is at a threshold of new and innovative things, ProviNET’s recent focuses for Providence have included implementing an insertion channel into the existing television systems at each of the communities that allows the Life Enrichment team to bring content to the residents’ rooms.

If there is a concert performance or worship service that residents would like to see, Life Enrichment can program these videos at a certain date and time using the insertion channel. This allows our communities to bring more entertainment to their residents, especially those who may have physical limitations and other mobility issues. 

ProviNET is also working to train staff on how to live-stream their community’s channel to make events specific to their residents. Communities such as Park Place of Elmhurst have implemented live streams, such as musical performances, lectures, worship services, and even bingo. This allows residents to be more engaged in the community, especially when in-person gatherings are limited.

Even after the pandemic, this technology will continue because it allows residents access to content on weekends, holidays, and times when staff are not scheduled. Additionally, staff can schedule content easily and cater to specific needs based on the level of care at each community or special interests of their own residents. 

“We have some great ideas about what’s next,” Carl says.

“We’re looking into voice-enabled services, as well as concierge services that provide easy and efficient ways to RSVP or make reservations for Life Enrichment events, dinners, or an exercise class.  On the skilled side, new telehealth and enhanced fall detection systems are being utilized. We’re also excited to implement virtual reality and brain fitness solutions at our Assisted Living and Independent Living sites.”

Leading the Way

ProviNET participates in several groups that are leading the way for technology adoption in senior living.  The LeadingAge Center for Aging Services Technologies (CAST) is leading the charge to expedite the development, evaluation, and adoption of emerging technologies that can improve the aging experience. ProviNET is also part of the Thrive Alliance, comprised of a collaborative group of innovators, researchers, and healthcare providers from across the United States who are focused on solving challenges and scaling solutions for the aging care market.

ProviNET and Providence Life Services both contribute to and benefit from the Ziegler Link-Age Funds, which focuses on new and innovative startup companies. The Fund provides a unique platform for collaboration and innovation among the partners, who are comprised of approximately 70 not-for-profit senior living providers from across the United States. 

For more information about ProviNET’s service to the Providence family, as well as to other senior living communities, please visit