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Royal Atrium Inn

Art Fair Returns to Royal Atrium Inn

families gathered in the hallway

After a few years’ hiatus, Royal Atrium Inn welcomed back the young artists of Zeeland Public Schools for their annual Art Show!

For over two decades, Royal Atrium Inn has opened its doors to the community in our partnership with Zeeland Public Schools. Tammy Draper,  Zeeland Public School employee who is now retired, remembers when the relationship with Royal Atrium Inn began.

“Royal Atrium Inn approached us with the desire to support and be part of Zeeland Public Schools’ art program,” she says. “Their goals were to help support our students and our program district wide. Through their support, we became instant friends and connections to the community.”

Tammy says they always appreciated how much Royal Atrium Inn promoted this art show and held receptions for visitors to the show. Unfortunately, the art show was on hold the past three years. “When COVID came along, it felt like losing part of our family because we could no longer do our shows there,” she says.

This year, both Royal Atrium Inn and Zeeland Public Schools were thrilled to get back to this beloved event. Holly Arens, Art Teacher at Cityside Middle School, was one of many art teachers who spent hours mounting and labeling artwork for the community to enjoy. “We had almost a third of all of our elementary and middle school students who entered this art show,” Holly says. “That meant 400-500 artists representing six elementary schools and two middle schools in Zeeland.”

For Holly, the art show represents the blending of two important parts of her life: her career and family. Holly’s mother-in-law lives at Royal Park Place, and she is one of many residents there who walk over to the Atrium to view the art. “This is such a great community event, and we’re appreciative of the Royal Park community for their support,” Holly says.

Our residents also appreciate the artwork and getting to know the young artists. We look forward to this becoming an annual event again.





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