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Royal Atrium Inn

“The people are exceptionally nice.” - A Royal Atrium Inn Testimonial

rai_HenryRuthTeune_blog_Portrait_350x350.pngHenry and Ruth Teune met at an event at their college, and they have been together ever since, going through life’s milestones together. Two years ago, when they realized it was time for the next milestone--moving into an assisted living community--they toured Royal Atrium Inn. 

“We liked what we saw, especially the layout of the apartment,” Henry said.

After moving in, they liked it even more. The opportunity to exercise through the sit-and-stretch class allows seniors who may have limited mobility the opportunity to stay active, and Henry enthusiastically participates. They both enjoy bingo, and tell of the many other opportunities residents have for activities.

“I’d say there’s probably something for everyone here,” Ruth says.

They don’t miss the days of maintaining a home, either. “They have good maintenance and housekeeping here,” Ruth says. “It’s something I don’t have to tend to anymore.”

But what really makes a difference is the staff. “The people here are exceptionally nice and the staff is helpful,” Henry says.

And they both enjoy the view out their bay window, seeing the pond and the birds and other wildlife, and watching the beautiful changing seasons that Michigan offers.

“We’re happy here,” Henry says, “and we know we’re taken care of. That’s what’s important.”





A Royal Atrium Inn Testimonial