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Royal Atrium Inn

“I know she’s being looked out for, and people are really caring for her.” - A Royal Atrium Inn Testimonial

Kari Kruis, Community Relations Director at Royal Atrium Inn

Kari Kruis is a Community Relations Director at Royal Atrium Inn, but that isn’t the only reason she’s thrilled that her grandmother Norma is a resident there.

“After much discussion, we thought it was time that Grandma get a little assistance,” Kari says. “She was open to it, and she already knew the Atrium—she had friends here. It just made sense that Grandma would come where there were people she knew.”

Norma was open to moving, but was happy to be close to home. “One of the reasons we chose this for Grandma is that it’s close to where her family lives in the Zeeland area,” Kari says. It also fit with one of Norma’s lifelong interests. “The homey feel of the environment as a whole was important. Grandma loves plants. Always has. So having the Atrium for her to walk through when she wants to during the day is really nice.”

Norma raves about everything at the Atrium: the food, the plants, the live musical entertainment—but especially the people.

“Grandma has a liking for our caregivers here, and they love her, too,” Kari says. “Grandma likes to stay up at night, so she’s grown especially close to evening and overnight shift workers. They just talk and laugh.”

Kari says the people of the Atrium are also what gives her the most peace about Norma’s life here, because it’s also what Kari likes about working here. “Working here, we’re a family. I feel part of the community,” Kari says. “I don’t know everyone who Grandma’s interacting with, but I never worry. There’s just that family feel and family atmosphere here. I know she’s being looked out for and people are really caring for her.”

These days, Kari enjoys walking with her grandma around the campus, enjoying the beautiful indoor atrium together and just visiting. She knows these times she’s creating are memories she’ll treasure forever, and she’s thankful Royal Atrium Inn has improved her grandma’s quality of life.

“I think seniors should consider moving here because it really is a big family,” Kari says. “It’s a comforting place to be. It’s truly a warm community of friends.”

Come for a visit and experience the friendly community at Royal Atrium Inn for yourself.

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