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Royal Atrium Inn

“We’re very grateful for this community.”

Marianne Tarr was no stranger to moving. She grew up in Germany, then moved to England to marry Ed, the British World War II soldier who she’d fallen in love with. In 1972, she and Ed, who had no children of their own, moved to Zeeland, Michigan, where Marianne’s only sister lived with her children.

One of those children is Sabina Otteman, who has fond memories of growing up with her aunt nearby, helping the family out by assisting in the care of Sabina and her siblings, making one of her signature meals, or helping with household chores. It was that tidiness that helped Marianne make the decision over a decade ago to move to Royal Park Place’s retirement community.

“My aunt’s a perfectionist when it comes to cleanliness,” Sabina says, “and she just couldn’t keep up her little ranch house to her standards.”

Sabina adds that even though Marianne was still driving, during the winter months the icy roads kept her aunt home and limited her social life.

When she moved to Royal Park Place, she enjoyed socializing with others over coffee or tea, attending church services, or enjoying some of the musical performances on campus. She lived at Royal Park Place for over 10 years before growing health concerns helped her realize she needed to make one more move—this time, to Royal Atrium Inn Assisted Living, where she would get the help she needed daily.

“It was a slow realization, but it was her decision,” Sabina says. “It helped that this move was just up one floor and down the hall.”

Staying in Zeeland means Marianne gets plenty of visits from her sister, niece, and nephews, but she’s also made friends at the social community. “There are people from all walks of life here,” Sabina says. “You’ll meet farmers, pastors, teachers, businessmen—so many different people. Between the neighbors and the great staff members, she has so many people who care for her.”

When Marianne needs a little extra help getting to her appointment at the campus beauty salon, the staff is there to get her where she needs to go. Other days, Marianne gets around just fine with her walker. “The staff is there whenever she needs them, and they seem to really want to help,” Sabina says. “They do what they need here to meet your needs.”

Sabina was recently Marianne’s guest to the Royal Atrium Inn Mother’s Day Tea, and she is thankful for the special moments like those she gets with her aunt. She feels blessed that Marianne has stayed geographically close to the family during this stage of life. “We are very grateful that this community is in the Zeeland area and that so many people care for Marianne,” she says.