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Victorian Village

“After my stay here, I certainly don’t want to go anywhere else.” - A Victorian Village Testimonial

NancyLangeland_blog_Portrait_350x350.pngNancy Langeland needed rehab after a knee replacement. With 14 stairs waiting for her at home, she knew recovery would be a challenge. She was looking for a place that would provide both the skill and the comfort she needed to be ready to go home.

She heard about Victorian Village from a family member. “My daughter-in-law is a nurse practitioner, and they had a relative come here. That person really liked it.”

But Nancy thought Victorian Village’s Health and Wellness Center would be like a nursing home. “She said, ‘Mom, it’s not a nursing home. You have to come see it.’”

When Nancy saw the Small House style of rehab, she was impressed, and made the decision to go to Victorian Village for rehab. “I said this is where I want to be.”

But her doctor was against it. “He wanted me to go home. He said he worried about infections in a rehab facility. I told him how we have rehab six days a week, and that I didn’t have anyone at home to help me. So he finally gave me the okay. And he didn’t have to worry about an infection. This place is pristine.”

Nancy’s rehab went smoothly. “I was here for a little more than a week,” she says. She felt comfortable right away. She made a group of friends, and they were dubbed “The Fun Bunch.” She loved her caregivers and how they showed their care with little touches, like lotion or a back rub.

“They have fabulous staff. They take care of us. The cook even came out and talked to us. It never felt institutional here—not at all,” Nancy says.

Nancy’s doctor was impressed with her recovery, and she’ll be returning soon after surgery on her other knee. She looks forward to coming back to the staff and the building that made her feel so safe and at home.

“It’s a wonderful place. Look at it. It’s a quiet, relaxing atmosphere. The people are very pleasant. After my stay here, I certainly don’t want to go anywhere else.”