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Victorian Village

“She has dignity again.” –Bill, nephew of Gertrude, Victorian Village resident

Making the decision to help a family member move to an Assisted Living community is often a difficult one. For Bill, as he observed his aunt Gertrude, it came down to one thing.

“My aunt had lost her dignity,” he says. “She just wasn’t able to take care of herself.  She’d lived alone her whole life, always very independent. But in a very short time, things changed for her.”

It was hard for Bill to see his aunt struggling with mobility, health, and hygiene issues. She’d had multiple falls at home, and she wasn’t eating much because cooking nutritious meals had become too difficult to manage. Even with in-home care, Gertrude wasn’t able to live the life she deserved. At age 95, her mind was still sharp, and even though she didn’t want to move to an Assisted Living community, she knew it was the right choice.

“I talked to her and discussed my concerns,” Bill said. “It was a hard talk, but it was necessary. She didn’t want to move, but she knew she needed to.”

Thankfully, Bill and Gertrude were already familiar with Victorian Village, as other family members lived there. They reached out to the community, and within a month, Gertrude was in her private apartment. It was a good feeling, knowing other family lived at the community and having staff respond to Gertrude’s every need.

“I can’t tell you how much things have changed for her, and for the better,” Bill says. “She’s become more social and more gracious, probably because life has gotten easier there. And she’s even begun to put on some weight, thanks to the nutritious meals they have there.”

Bill can’t say enough about the patient, compassionate staff who have helped win Gertrude over after this difficult move. “We have some special people working there,” he says. “Her aides in particular have been so positive, and I think it’s helped her feel more grace and gratitude.”

The entire family feels good about this decision—a difficult one that so many have to make, but one that improves the quality of life for each resident. “She has safety and security,” Bill says. “But what is so good to see is that she has her dignity again.”





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