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a smoke detector with fire below it

Providence Life Services

Fire Prevention for Seniors

Read to discover several steps people of all ages should take for fire prevention in their homes.…


Park Place of Elmhurst

Making Connections through Art

This innovative watercolor art program that combines creativity and evidence-based practices to improve the well-being and cognition of the residents in Park Place of Elmhurst.…


Providence Life Services

Flu Prevention Tips for Seniors

It’s that time of year, when it seems that everyone seems to come down with a cold, cough, or stomach bug. But an illness that might slow down a healthy adult for a couple of days can be much more serious, even deadly, for an older adult with an already weakened immune system. Here are some prevention tips for seniors – and those who care for them – to help beat the bug this cold and flu season…

a stressed out woman with her hands on her head

Providence Life Services

Stroke Prevention for Older Adults

Stroke prevention is important, as statistics show that almost 800,000 people suffer from a stroke every year. Of those strokes, about three quarters of them strike people over the age of 65. While family history plays a part in your risk for stroke, there are things you can do today to…