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Providence Life Services

Stroke Prevention for Older Adults

Stroke prevention is important, as statistics show that almost 800,000 people suffer from a stroke every year. Of those strokes, about three quarters of them strike people over the age of 65. While family history plays a part in your risk for stroke, there are things you can do today to…

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Providence Life Services

Power of Attorney v. Guardianship: What’s the Difference?

Power of Attorney or Guardianship? What’s the difference, and do I really need to know? The short answer to the second question is YES. Having a Power of Attorney is one of the most important aspects of your aging plan. It can mean the difference between having your wishes…


Providence Life Services

Memory Care: Questions & Answers Regarding Dementia

At Providence, we assist many families dealing with dementia — and we know that it isn’t an easy road. While the older adult living with dementia has a difficult journey, the family also often feels overwhelmed. Therefore, we strive to be as helpful, compassionate, and supportive as possible. …

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Providence Life Services

Buying Meaningful Gifts on a Budget

Buying gifts for people we love generally fills us with joy, but it’s not without challenges. How do you buy something meaningful, unique, and useful, but also stay within a reasonable budget? And if you’re the kind of person who buys for everyone in the family–children, grandchildren, in-laws, neighbors, pets, etc.–the challenge deepens. You may realize that the gift-giving that used to bring you such fulfillment actually feels like a chore. …