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Home Healthcare May Be the Right Choice

Home Healthcare May Be the Right Choice

It’s probably no surprise that a large percentage of seniors would prefer staying in their homes. A 2018 AARP survey said almost 80% of adults age 50 and older want to remain in their communities and/or homes as they age. While that’s not possible for some people with specific healthcare needs, home care is a good option for many. 

Home_Healthcare_Right_Choice_blog_Portrait_350x350.pngFor many these days, the ideal approach to aging involves aging in place—staying in your home and taking the steps necessary to remain independent for as long as possible. Aging at home, or aging in place, as it’s sometimes called, comes with some challenges: Health and mobility issues present threats to independence wherever you live. 

Advances in home healthcare and modern medicine changes have made treatment and therapy at home the right choice for many. People seeking an alternative that balances expert care with the familiar surroundings of home have put their trust in Providence at Home.

What is Home Healthcare?

The specific services may differ depending on the provider, but Providence offers home healthcare and private duty care. Home Healthcare is a service for people suffering from an illness or an injury provided by experienced, certified and compassionate healthcare professionals. Private Duty is an option for people who require daily living assistance—doing laundry, preparing meals, taking medication—and those who want companionship. All Providence home healthcare nurses are licensed, bonded, and insured. All home healthcare professionals receive comprehensive training and background and health screenings to ensure everyone is safe. 

Home Healthcare is an excellent option for people recovering from an injury or merely dealing with an aging body. Home Healthcare can show people that they are still able to do things for themselves. It also shows that they are not going to be limited by their diagnosis entirely. Doctors and nurses come in and address health concerns and administer medications and other necessary care. But for many, it’s getting around comfortably and safely that’s the real issue. 

Who Pays for Home Healthcare Services?

  • Home Health

For services offered by medicare-certified home healthcare agencies, such as Providence Life Services, the cost is covered by Medicare Part A. Veteran’s Aid & Assistance benefits may also pay in some instances. 

  • Private Duty

Usually, private duty services are paid privately. They are not covered by Medicare or private insurance but may be covered by a long-term care policy.

When Should Home Healthcare Services Be Considered?

There’s no one-size-fits-all formula to determine when it’s time to think about using Home Healthcare or Private Duty. Everyone is different, with unique circumstances. Only you and your loved ones will know when the time is right. 

You may want to begin by evaluating you or your loved one’s existing condition. Is it possible to remain at home and stay safe? Can daily tasks be performed independently? Are there medical conditions that need constant care? All of these are essential questions to discuss before seeking help. If you do decide it is time to get help, begin by learning what services are available. Once you have decided which services you will need, check with your insurance provider and see what costs they may cover.

Home Healthcare or Private Duty Care can be the right next step for many people with various d conditions and situations. If and when you or a loved one needs acute home-based care, including recovery from surgery or another procedure, managing a chronic condition or helping to live independently, think about Home Healthcare and Private Duty options. Providence at Home can help set you on the right path to living your best life at home.