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A Royal Park Place Testimonial: “It’s so good to be home.”

Marge Kloosterman is a woman who is used to change. Marge grew up in the Depression, and then as an Army wife, has lived in several places all over the world. But when her husband died, that was a difficult loss to bear. rpp_Marge_Kloosterman_blog_Portrait_350x350.png

“We had a great love story,” she says. “My friends were always trying to set me up, and I was never impressed. But he picked me up one Sunday afternoon, and everything changed. When he got home that evening, he told his brother, ‘I’ve just met the girl I’m going to marry.’”

After four children and a lifetime of adventures, Marge found it difficult to move on with her life.

“I was depressed,” she says simply. “I went from being an active person to someone who didn’t really want to do anything.”

Marge lived next door to her son and daughter-in-law at the time, and they noticed the changes. “They looked in my fridge and said, ‘Mom, you’re not eating,” she says. “But I didn’t want to. I really didn’t care.”

“I just heard about Royal Park Place,” her son told her, and then he asked if she would like to come see it. He explained that the retirement community was just the place to give Marge a family atmosphere with other women who may have lost their husbands also.

Marge went for a visit and had low expectations, but her mind immediately changed as she toured the beautiful campus. “Everyone was so friendly,” she says. “Staff, residents. Everyone. I thought to myself that it might be the right place for me. The Christian atmosphere was so important.”

Now Marge is settled in, with an abundance of friends and fun. “My son visits and sits on the couch and looks out the window and says, ‘I can’t wait to move in here,’” she says. “And I don’t want to live anywhere else.”

She enjoys the chef-cooked meals and the social opportunities, and the visits from friends and family.

“No one worries about me eating anymore,” she says, “and it’s so good to be home.”

Learn more about life at Royal Park Place by visiting our website, or give us a call at (616) 772-2224.