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Royal Park Place

‘Wits Workout’ at Royal Park Place Encourages Active Minds

Royal Park Place residents have a history of prioritizing brain health. Many residents have already embraced the Dakim Brain Fitness program available to residents on the campus computers. This year, Life Enrichment Director Carrie Fahey started a new program to help keep brains sharp: Wits Workouts, a brain health resource tool developed by the University of Illinois Urbana-Champlain Extension Program.…


Royal Park Place

“It’s just a lovely place to be.” - A Royal Park Place Testimonial

When Harley moved to Royal Park Place, staff explained to him that his apartment was in a wing named “Sonshine Street.” Harley says the name is fitting. “It’s such a sunny place. Almost immediately, I became part of this special bond there. We have such a beautiful atmosphere."…


Royal Park Place

“How could it be any better?” – A Royal Park Place Testimonial

The delicious meals at Royal Park Place were a big reason why Gene and his wife Shirley chose to move here. As they aged, planning and preparing meals had become more difficult. “Knowing we could have our meals provided here was a huge consideration,” Gene says.…


Royal Park Place

“Mom felt loved, appreciated, and accepted here. She thrived in the environment.” - A Royal Park Place Testimonial

Tom was pleased to see that both of his parents loved Royal Park Place, despite their very different personalities. “My mom was an extrovert. My dad was an introvert. They both had what they were looking for,” he says. “And all of this was so much better than them living on their own.”…


Royal Park Place

“It’s like one big happy family.” – A Royal Park Place Testimonial

Roy & Jan Alofs may not be the typical couple you think would live in a senior living community. They’re a bit younger than the average resident, and Roy still works as a part-time truck driver. There’s no reason they need to live in a retirement community like Royal Park Place. But they love living here.…


Royal Park Place

“At this community, as my mom’s son, I’m part of this big family.” – A Royal Park Place Testimonial

Gary treasures his visits to Royal Park Place to see his mom Donna, but he also loves seeing all the residents and staff who have become his friends over the years. “At this community, as my mom’s son, I’m part of this big family,” Gary says. “I know so many of the residents here. In fact, I just got done having lunch with a bunch of the people here!”…