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Providence at Home

“They were there to fill in the gaps. It made such a difference.” - A Providence at Home Testimonial

pah_Austin_blog_Portrait_350x350.pngWhen Ruth and Carroll Austin moved to Park Place of St. John, they didn’t realize how important the continuum of care was until they needed it.

“I went into the hospital first,” Ruth says. “Then, by the time I checked out, he checked in.”

Ruth went to the hospital due to breathing problems, then was discharged to Park Place Health & Wellness Center for rehab. After she was discharged from rehab, the doctor said she would need home health for a while to get a little help as she adjusted to being back home. She chose Providence at Home.

“They were there to fill in the gaps. That’s what they did for both of us.”

Carroll went to the hospital for a fall, then was also sent for rehab, and then also needed home health. They chose Providence at Home again.

“Our therapist—she’s really nice.” Ruth says. “She comes right in the home for therapy right here. She calls to make an appointment and she’s flexible if we need to change it. The nurse is also great.”

And it gives comfort to know that someone is there to help. “That ‘in-between,’ from rehab and being ready to be here, sometimes you really don’t know what’s what. Sometimes you need something that bridges that. They definitely did that.”

Ruth appreciates the patience the Providence at Home staff have shown Carroll, who has had communication and memory challenges since his stroke. “He’s not a crabby person, but he does get frustrated. Staff is patient with him, very nice to him—and he’s been very nice with them.”

Carroll and Ruth appreciate the care available through Providence, and look forward to getting back to independence. But Ruth says, “If I ever need home health again, there’s no reason to look anywhere else.”






 A Testimonial