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Providence Hospice care made a difference: “They came alongside me”

When choosing Providence Hospice care for her mother Helen, Delores Gassmere said the choice was easy. She had trusted Providence to give her mother Helen skilled nursing care, so when Helen’s medical condition advanced, Delores went with the name ph_Gassmere_blog_Portrait_350x350.pngshe trusted and chose Providence Hospice care for Helen during her final days.

“Their services were good—I was so impressed with their hospice care,” Delores says. “They cared for my mother like she was family.”

Whenever Delores visited her mother, hospice staff updated her on Helen’s condition. “I knew what to expect before I walked in the room,” she says. “They knew I loved my mom and knew I was on my own with her care. So they came alongside and did what they could to help.”

When Helen died, Providence Hospice care staff supported Delores and offered comfort.

“They didn’t just decide the job was over if my mother died,” she says. “They wanted to make sure I was okay.”

Delores recommends Providence Hospice care to anyone looking for compassionate and gracious care for their loved ones.

“I would definitely choose Providence Hospice again,” she says. “They took a difficult time and made it a little easier. I think that’s really the best thing that you can ever wish for in a situation like this.”

“They didn’t just decide the job was over if my mother died.”

Providence Hospice offers palliative and hospice services is licensed in both Indiana and Illinois, and in a person’s home or in a senior living community. Their medical qualifications are remarkable, but what sets Providence Hospice apart is the personal commitment these people have to offer hope and help when people need it most. We have dedicated, compassionate staff that care deeply for those they serve.

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