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Outpatient Therapy, Right on Campus

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After a surgery, illness, or injury, the recovery process can take a while. If you want to heal properly, you don’t want to take shortcuts, but you hope the recovery journey is as smooth as possible. Perhaps your doctor will prescribe a short-term rehabilitation stay, and then home healthcare therapy. Those two services are offered throughout Providence. But often, a patient is prescribed further outpatient therapy after a discharge home.

In an effort to make the healing journey easier for our residents, we have begun outpatient therapy centers right on campus. At this time, Symbria offers therapy at Park Place of Elmhurst, Victorian Village, and, most recently, Park Place of St. John.

“It’s just one more way to enhance the lives of our residents,” says Megan Tengerstrom, Vice President of Operations. “With therapy available in the same building where people live, it diminishes many barriers to their continued healing.”

Having outpatient therapy right on campus means no need to arrange transportation or fight weather to keep your therapy appointment.

“We are always looking for new ways to enhance the lives of our residents,” Megan says, “and this program certainly aligns with that mission.”





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