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Park Place of St. John

“You just have more freedom here.” - A Park Place of St. John Testimonial

Judy Quinlan moved into Park Place on day one—December 15, 2016. She had been waiting for the building to open after making the decision to move there in the summer. As an independent person, she was ready to downsize her belongings and move to a maintenance-free community, giving her more time and energy to spend with the people she loved and doing the things she enjoyed. She’d actually put a deposit down at another independent living community, but her accountant urged her to take a look at Park Place—and she’s so glad she did.

“I came out here, and I really liked it,” Judy says. Tucked inside the Gates of St. John, right next to Crown Point Christian school, it seemed ideal. “It wasn’t right inside a commercial area, and instead was in a neighborhood with families and homes.”

Judy quickly made many new friends, and is known as a neighbor who will look out for you. “I notice if someone isn’t at a meal, and I check up on them,” she says. “I like to keep an eye out for my neighbors.” She makes it a point to get to know everyone and make sure new neighbors feel welcome.

Judy can name so many aspects of Park Place she enjoys. “Everything has really been great here,” she says. “They think about us at Mother’s Day and all the holidays.” She loves the entertainment, the activities, and knowing that people are there for her, the way she has always been there for others.

Judy loves how Park Place has helped her maintain her independence. She drives when she wants, but she’ll also take the Park Place bus when there’s an outing with friends. She certainly doesn’t miss the hassle of home ownership!

“The number one thing I would tell a friend is that you don’t need to worry here—about your hot water heater, or your roof, or finding someone to shovel your snow,” she says. “You just have more freedom here.”

She loves the helpful staff, the abundance of social opportunities and activities, and the freedom to choose how to spend her time. “If you don’t want to participate in an activity, you don’t have to,” she says. “You can stay by yourself or spend time with your neighbors. But if you want, there’s something fun to do every single day.”

And she feels safe and at peace here. “I feel more secure being in this building and not by myself,” she says. “I know there’s neighbors next to me. I know there’s people at the desk to help me. And we also have actual security here.”

In her five years at Park Place, she’s watched things change and grow. But one thing that hasn’t changed is her love of this retirement community. “This has been a great place for me,” she says. “It was the right choice.”