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Park Place of St. John

“You gave me my mother back” - A Park Place Health & Wellness Center Testimonial

“Fantabulous, wonderful care.” says Dori Bissonnette about her mom Natalie’s experience at Park Place. “Everybody is so caring. Everybody is so compassionate. Everybody is so kind and so willing to work. The progress that my mother made was just amazing.”

You can hear Dori’s voice crack as she describes what her mom endured following a back surgery that turned out to be more extensive than originally planned. Natalie was referred to a conveniently located rehab provider, and after eight days of rehab she was worse off than when she started. “I thought we were going to lose her,” says Dori, an ER nurse with 34 years experience, as she lists the serious complications that developed during her mom’s short stay. When Dori brought her mom to the doctor for a surgical follow-up, he decided to re-admit Natalie right away.

With her mom re-hospitalized, Dori researched other options her mom could be discharged to once she was stable enough. She suggested the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, a top-ranking rehab hospital — “But my mom said, ‘I’m not going into the city.’”

They considered other local rehab options, but the larger ones gave Dori the impression that her mom would be “more like a number, not a person.” When Pinnacle Hospital’s Dr. Trevor Marcotte suggested Park Place, Dori scheduled a visit.

She could feel the difference right away. “This just seems so right for Mom,” she told her aunt after speaking with Admissions staff and Therapy staff.

“I warned them, ‘I’m going to be very persnickety because of what happened to her at the other place,’ and they were OK with that. They had no problem with that at all.” Park Place caregivers were strict about following all the doctor’s orders — regarding meds, fluids, therapy, and her back brace. And after about 24 days of rehab, Natalie was ready to return home.

“You gave me my mother back,” says Dori, choking up a little. “The progress she has made is just amazing. I recommend Park Place to everyone now!”