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A Park Place Testimonial

Park Place of St. John

“They did a great job helping Mom get stronger” - A Park Place Health & Wellness Testimonial

At 68, Mary is a caregiver for two different generations, a labor of love that can take a toll. “You do what you need to do at the time you need to do it,” Mary explains. “You don’t have a choice, except to keep going.” That’s why she’s so grateful that, when she can’t help her mom by herself, she can partner with Park Place.…


Park Place of St. John

“My Mom Is So Loved Here” - A Park Place of St. John Testimonial

Millie saw many of her friends move in to Park Place of St. John. Whenever Millie visited, she remarked on the fun programs and the caring staff, but even though she was ready to move, her husband wasn’t. Then, after Jim passed away in January, Millie knew what she wanted to do. “One morning I woke up, and I just knew it was time. I called Mariellen and said, ‘Honey, I’m ready to move to Park Place.’ After that, everything fell into place.”…

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Park Place of St. John

Park Place of St. John Celebrates 5 Years of Service

On October 16, 2014, Providence Life Services broke ground on its first Indiana community: Park Place of St. John. Park Place would bring Providence-quality retirement living, skilled nursing, rehab therapy, and other care services to Northwest Indiana. …


Park Place of St. John

“There was so much compassion.” - Carol Hiskes' Park Place Health & Wellness Testimonial

Lorraine’s health needs had increased from assisted living to skilled nursing care, but the pandemic prevented Carol from touring communities to see their care firsthand. So she brought her mother to Park Place, the only place she could trust, part of an organization associated with senior living with over a century. Lorraine enjoyed the personalized care you can only get in a Small House setting. “There was so much compassion,” Carol says.…


Park Place of St. John

“The staff were very skilled, but they were also very, very kind” –A Park Place Health & Wellness Center Testimonial

After a fall broke her pelvic bone, Diana Nicholson was in so much pain that she barely remembers her week-long hospital stay, nor does she remember much about coming to Park Place Health & Wellness Center for rehab. “The pain was so bad that I can’t even describe it” Diana says. But she kept fighting. “I just knew that I needed to stay alive for my family.” …


Park Place of St. John

“She’s being well-taken care of, and it’s safe.” – A Park Place of St. John Testimonial

When the time came for Mary Jarema to move from her neighborhood of 55 years, Kathleen says, “She was 90 and living on her own. Though we would visit 3 or 4 times a week it was time for a move. After looking at a few places, she made the decision to make the move to Park Place by herself.…