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“This place has helped me, and my family can really tell the difference.”

After a fall at home turned Marilyn McNeal’s life upside-down, she tried to focus on healing. “I broke my hip and my femur bone,” she says. “I had to have an operation, and then I had some health complications. So I’ve come a long way.”

After a lengthy hospital stay and then some time at a rehabilitation facility, Marilyn had worked hard to get as healthy as she could. She put in the time exercising and resting as directed; recovery was a slow, steady process.

“My family and I knew I’d be discharged from rehab soon, but we also knew I wouldn’t be safe on my own at home,” Marilyn explains. “I couldn’t even get out of bed on my own. So we knew we needed a way for me to get a little more help before I could get home. And that’s when we found Royal Atrium Inn.”

Marilyn didn’t know what to expect from the Assisted Living community’s Transition-to-Home program. “I was determined to just make the best of the situation, get better, and get home,” she says, “but what I found here was a great experience.”

She raves about the food, her furnished apartment, and especially the staff. “Every person who helped me made me feel so welcomed and so important,” she says. “They never acted like I was a bother or any trouble, even though at the beginning I needed so much help. They go above and beyond the call of duty and that’s what makes them all so special.”

With the help of the staff, Marilyn continued working on her exercises, and began getting stronger and healthier. “It gave me confidence that there would always be someone here to help me,” she says. “At the touch of a button, they come to help me to the lunchroom or to the restroom or to the Sit and Stretch exercises—and they always have a positive attitude.”

She is thankful for her time at Royal Atrium Inn. “This place has helped me, and my family can really tell the difference, even when they just talk to me on the phone,” she says. “I really appreciate everything everyone has done for me.”

The extra recovery time helped Marilyn’s family make sure her house was ready for her return, which will be any day now. “My goal from the beginning was to get well and get home,” she says. “Royal Atrium Inn helped me do that. But now,” she laughs, “I’m kind of sad to leave. I could have lived here very easily.”