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“The staff was outstanding.” - A Victorian Village Testimonial

Joan Yunker lives in her home in Mokena, where she has had an active social life and lives independently. But one fall and a chipped hip bone put that independence on hold. Joan faced a medical procedure, a hospital stay, and then a rehab stay.  After rehab, she wasn’t sure she was quite ready to be on her own.

“They told me I was going to be discharged from rehab, but I didn’t feel confident about going home,” Joan says. “I needed some time in between rehab and living independently.”

For someone as independent as Joan, needing help was an adjustment. “It was a quite a change for me,” Joan says. “I was used to having free reign. I had to get used to asking for help, which was difficult.”

She made the decision to make a temporary move to Victorian Village for a stay in their Transition to Home program. Transition to Home is a helpful option people can choose after a hospital or rehab discharge to get back on their feet. A person stays at Victorian Village and takes advantage of the lifestyle there, including three chef-cooked meals a day, life-enriching activities and events, and a fully-furnished room. But people who join the Transition to Home program also receive the assistance they need from professionals in our healthcare community, with a personalized plan to get stronger and healthier and ready to go back home.

Joan stayed in the Transition to Home program for 30 days, gaining strength and confidence. She was able to get exactly what she needed.  “The staff was outstanding,” she says. “Very professional, but very friendly at the same time.”

Joan also says the food was delicious, and there was another bonus for Joan duringher stay. “I got my shot,” Joan says happily of receiving both doses of the COVID-19 vaccination, which is offered right on campus for the convenience and safety of all residents and staff.

Joan is now back at her home in Mokena, enjoying the life she was used to before her injury. “I recommend the program at Victorian Village,” she says. “You’ll get the help you need to get back home again.”





a testimonial - Joan Yunker