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Royal Atrium Inn

A Royal Atrium Inn Testimonial: “It’s a great thing to be here.”

Russell Borgman didn’t have to move too far to move to Royal Atrium Inn. “I lived across the road for 20 years,” he says, “and I had a condo in Florida where I used to spend some time.” RAI_Its_A_Great_Thing_to_Be_Here_blog_Portrait_350x350.png

But as Russell’s physical needs increased, his doctor decided the trips to Florida would take too much of a toll on his health.

“I knew I needed some help,” Russell says, “so I decided to move to Royal Atrium Inn.”

Since moving, Russell enjoys his one-bedroom apartment and the help he gets. “They check on me here,” he says. “My lungs are bad, and it makes me feel better that they check on me 4 or 5 times a night.”

But Russell also enjoys the greater independence he feels since moving to an Assisted Living community. “The food is great—I never run out of things to eat, and I never have to cook. And I feel like I can do what I want here because I always have people looking after me.”

For Russell, though, the amenities are only a part of what he loves. “This is a great atmosphere,” he says. “The people are just tremendous. They know you by name on the first day.”

Russell is thankful he chose Royal Atrium Inn Assisted Living. “It’s a great thing to be here,” he says.

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