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Royal Atrium Inn

“Knowing she was where people cared—that was wonderful.” - A Royal Atrium Inn Testimonial

Shortly after her husband died, Alma announced to her family that she was ready for a move. She didn’t need her big condo anymore, and she knew that she would enjoy a move to a retirement community, where someone else could do the cooking and cleaning, and she could focus on the things she enjoyed.

When she and her family discovered Royal Park Place, it was everything they were looking for, and Alma jumped right in: exercise class in the mornings, a knitting club in the afternoon, church services, trips on the Royal Park Place bus, and so much more. This was the retirement that Alma was dreaming of, and her family felt better knowing Mom wasn’t living alone.

Extra Help When It's Needed

But a few years later, after a stroke and hospital stay, Alma took advantage of Royal Atrium Inn’s Transition to Home program. Royal Atrium Inn, an Assisted Living community right on campus, offers fully-furnished apartments for people who have been discharged from the hospital or rehab, but aren’t quite ready to go home.

“She thrived there,” Karen says. “She was doing so well and getting stronger.” Alma continued to make the trip across campus to Royal Park Place for the knitting club, and went to exercise classes at Royal Atrium Inn in the mornings. The plan was that, when she was healthy enough, she’d move back to her apartment at Royal Park Place.

A Change of Plans

But when the pandemic hit, her family wondered if Alma should stay at the Atrium, where she would have access to healthcare staff who would check in on her regularly. Together, they made the decision that the Assisted Living community was the best choice.

“The staff bent over backwards to help out with the move,” Karen says. “They took excellent care of her and moved all her furnishings out of the apartment to her new room at the Atrium.”

The pandemic was hard on everyone, especially older adults, but Karen and her family are thankful they could trust the care provided at Royal Atrium Inn.

“Knowing she was where people cared—that was wonderful,” Karen says. “And the authentic compassion that everyone showed made such a difference. I will always be thankful and love the staff that made my mom so safe and so happy.”

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A Royal Atrium Inn testimonial