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Royal Park Place

“We both find a sense of comfort and peace here.” – A Royal Park Place Testimonial

Marvin and Sharon Overway, Royal Park Place residents

Marvin and Sharon Overway had both been born and raised in Holland. After college and marriage, they decided to leave the area and explore what life’s adventure held for them. Now, 60 years later, having spent the last 40 years in California, they decided that it was time to move into a retirement community. They wanted to find a place that gave them the opportunity to live independently, but also offered the lifestyle and support that would serve their long-term needs—either together or individually, as the remainder of their lives unfolds.

Due to a unique set of circumstances, they had experienced Royal Park Place extensively over the past decade. So when they considered where to go, their decision was between a community in California, with which they also had considerable experience, and Royal Park Place. “While either place would have well-served our needs, we chose to move into Royal Park Place.”

The decision ultimately came down to thinking about where they would feel the most care and support. “One of the important considerations was the evident high level of caring and nurturing that is the essence of Royal Park Place, which is established and maintained by the facility leadership and influenced and supported by the Christian nature and non-profit character of the organization.”

Marvin and Sharon are very pleased with their decision. “First and foremost, we are still free and independent to continue the travel and lifestyle we enjoy, plus we have the camaraderie and support of Royal Park residents and staff. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to occupy an apartment that is located on a hallway that views itself as a mini-neighborhood, characterized by friendly interest, support, and gatherings.”

Royal Park Place has met and exceeded their expectations. “We both find a sense of comfort and peace in knowing that we have a safe, comfortable place to live out the rest of our lives, both now and in the coming years, when our needs will change in ways we cannot know,” Marvin says.

Come for a visit and experience the friendly community at Royal Park Place for yourself.

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