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The Smiles Are The Reward: Receptionist Eyes Opportunities to Help

the smiles are my reward

Corin Miller’s job as a receptionist at Providence includes answering phones, greeting visitors, and being the gatekeeper for the building. But for Corin, the main part of the job is all about observation.

“I see everyone,” Corin says. “They pass by me on their way to lunch, or to an activity, or on their way out of the building. I always look out for ways to help.”

Her passion for helping seniors is partially due to over 15 years working as a resident aide when she lived in Florida. She loved the hands-on work and being able to be a direct part of the daily care of each person she worked with. But a back injury forced her to leave that position.

“I miss being a resident aide,” Corin says. “It was so rewarding. Not all the residents can do what they used to do, and it upsets them. I liked being the one to encourage them to keep trying, to make sure they know that I have all the time in the world and could wait for them to do whatever they need to do.”

But Corin feels her job now allows her to help in different ways, especially as she gets to know the extended Providence family. With her two adult children living out of state, and having no real family locally, Corin feels like she’s been adopted by many of the residents.

“At Village Woods, the families of the residents are so involved,” she says. “It’s wonderful to see how much they love their families, and how much they visit. I’ve gotten to know the families well, and I love them all.”

Corin also loves the residents, and if she sees them struggling with anything, she leaves the desk for a moment to help. “Sometimes an emergency comes up with a resident, and because I’m observant, I can take action immediately,” Corin says. “And sometimes, I just sense that someone needs a little extra love. I give them whatever they need.”

Corin is grateful to be a part of the Providence staff, a group of people who she says are living the Providence mission. “The staff here, they do everything with love,” she says. “You see it in their demeanor, the way they interact with families. There’s so much heart here, and it’s all for the residents. We all try to enhance lives however we can.”

This is a team Corin hopes to serve with for years to come. “I’m grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given here. I appreciate all the families and how they welcome me and how they brighten my day,” she says. “Their smiles are my reward for what I do, and I hope to be here a long time.”





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