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Victorian Village

“I couldn’t get over how quickly they got me better!” - A Victorian Village Testimonial

judy ludkey smiling

Judy Ludkey moved into Victorian Village a little over a year ago because it was close to her family, and because she loved the friendliness of the retirement community. She didn’t expect to be a part of their rehabilitation program so soon, however.

“I was climbing a ladder to reach something on a high shelf, and I fell and hit my head,” she says.

The next day, when she started experiencing vertigo, staff and family convinced her she needed to go to the hospital. After a short stay, her doctor said she would need rehab until the vertigo went away.

“I had a few different choices where I could go, but I chose to go to Victorian Village,” Judy says. Victorian Village Health & Wellness Center gave Judy the opportunity to have physical therapy and occupational therapy right there where she lived.

“I couldn’t get over how quickly they got me better,” she says. “The therapists over there are just wonderful.”

Now Judy is back at home at Victorian Village, with no trace of vertigo. “I am so pleased with what they did for me,” she says. "I'd recommend it to anyone.”