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Victorian Village

“My mom’s experience was nothing short of grand.” - A Victorian Village Testimonial

Allison was a bit concerned when she found out her mother Audrey needed to stay at a rehab center after a prolonged sickness. After all, she had watched her father go to a rehab facility, and it had been what she describes as “a very bad experience.”

She and her sister were given three different choices for their mom’s care, so they visited all of them. One was Victorian Village Health & Wellness Center.

“It was completely different from the others,” Allison says. “It was beautiful. It was traditional, but it felt intimate, not institutional. And they have expert therapists right on-site! That, to me, is huge.”

Audrey came to stay at Victorian Village two times over the course of four months. Each time, Allison says her mother was treated with dignity, respect, and the utmost skill.

“My mom couldn’t say enough good about everyone there. She was working to get stronger. Everyone loved my mom, and she loved them. She wasn’t just a number. She worked so hard and they just supported her all the way,” Allison says. “Everyone, from the therapists, to the CNAs, to the nurses and doctors—they were all so sweet to her. You don’t get that anywhere else.”

Allison, who is a financial advisor, has been telling everyone she knows about Victorian Village. “I’m a mouthpiece,” she says. “I know what they did for my mom, their warmth and kindness and caring—what they do there is so important. I can’t imagine how different it would have been if we’d been somewhere else.”

Allison names several specific staff who she knows were outstanding at their jobs, and unceasing in their compassion. She and her family think of Victorian Village fondly and recommend it highly.

“We all had a great experience,” Allison says. “Not just my mom, but me and the whole family. My mom’s experience and stay at Victorian Village was nothing short of grand.”