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Village Woods

“I would rather be at Village Woods than any other place.” - A Village Woods Testimonial

Bud Kulish, Village Woods assisted living resident Bud Kulish, Village Woods assisted living resident

Bud Kulish and his wife were always active around their home. She did all of the shopping, cooking, and cleaning, while he took care of the outside. When they reached their upper 80s, they realized most of their time was devoted to the upkeep of their house, so they decided to sell their home and look for a retirement community. After losing his wife, Bud decided to move to Village Woods so more assistance would be available if he needed it, now that he was in his 90s.

Upon moving in, he immediately started making friends and even joined a card playing group. He enjoys that this Assisted Living community gives him the opportunity to spend time with so many of his neighbors. In fact, most of his friends are Independent Living residents. Always on the look out for great conversation, Bud can be seen moving around in his wheelchair and mingling with all of his neighbors.

A self proclaimed “golf nut,” Bud enjoys a view of the golf course from his room, but remarks at his luck because he is located right by the 7th fairway. He says, “that’s the only hole I could never par or even bogey” whenever he played the course! He also enjoys the view of the pond and watching the geese who reside in it. It reminds him of his former home, but having to care for that home left him with little time to enjoy anything else.

Now that he resides at Village Woods, he has enough free time to play around on his computer and keyboard. Having grown up in the Jitterbug and Jazz era, he loves to play anything people like to dance to and is happy to play for anyone who wants to listen. He can also be found participating in all of the wonderful group activities, like Bingo and making crafts, planned by the Life Enrichment staff.

Bud has formed close relationships with the Life Enrichment team and the nursing staff, but has a particular fondness for nurse Dana Bromfied. To keep track of his health, he put together a spreadsheet of his vital readings and shares them with Dana on a regular basis. He appreciates that she is always willing to take the time to sit and review the numbers, answering any questions he has.

The healthcare staff, the Life Enrichment team, and the maintenance staff make Village Woods feel like home for Bud. Any time he needs anything, he can call, and whoever he needs is right there to help. “I would rather be at Village Woods than any other place.”

Come for a visit and experience the friendly community at Village Woods for yourself.

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