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Village Woods

Village Woods Achieves Deficiency-Free IDPH Survey

For the second consecutive year, Village Woods Retirement & Assisted Living received a deficiency-free survey from the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH).…


Village Woods

“Village Woods tops them all.” – A Village Woods Testimonial

On his first day at Village Woods, the residents immediately invited Bill to sit down and join them as soon as he was introduced. Smiling, he declares, “I was one of the bunch.” He feels Village Woods is “very warm and cozy with a family atmosphere” and considers the residents not just his neighbors, but his family.…


Village Woods

“You’re never bored here.” - A Village Woods Testimonial

Richard says “Living alone was all right during the day, but in the evening, it was lonesome because I was by myself.” Now that he’s living at Village Woods, he has people to talk to all the time. “There’s always people in the sitting room you can go and talk to in the evening.” And with so many activities to keep the people going, the day is over before he realizes it.…


Village Woods

“I consider Village Woods a warm community.” - A Village Woods Testimonial

Catherine VanEck was tired of climbing ladders to wash her windows and decided it was time for a change. Much to the delight of her children, they did not have to twist her arm to move to a senior living community. After touring several options, her daughter-in-law’s mother recommended Village Woods and Catherine knew she had found her new home. …


Village Woods

A Lifetime of Service: Village Woods Resident Recounts 65 Years as a Nurse

Meet Catherine Van Eck, who now lives in the Village Woods retirement community in Crete. Catherine was a nurse for 65 years, 50 years working in the United States and 15 years involved in short-term mission projects. Nursing runs deep in her family; her mother was a nurse, and many other people in her family followed suit, with four straight generations of nurses in her family. …


Village Woods

“This was the right move for me.” - A Village Woods Testimonial

Carol and her husband had lived busy lives, working and raising a family and traveling the world. Even after her husband was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, the two of them continued traveling. And after the MS forced them to slow down, Carol explored retirement communities like Village Woods, but she decided to become her husband’s caregiver herself and stay in their home. …