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Village Woods

“This was the right move for me.” - A Village Woods Testimonial

CarolVis_Blog_Portrait_350x350.jpgCarol and her husband had lived busy lives, working and raising a family and traveling the world. Even after her husband was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, the two of them continued traveling. And after the MS forced them to slow down, Carol explored retirement communities like Village Woods, but she decided to become her husband’s caregiver herself and stay in their home.

“It was a big job,” she says, but with their supportive and helpful children and grandchildren, they were a great team.

After her husband passed away, Carol noticed that the house seemed big and lonely without him. The idea of moving to Village Woods came back to her, so she reached out to some of the staff she’d met there. To Carol’s surprise, the idea of moving to Village Woods became more and more attractive to her.

“I thought if I ever moved here, it would be for my husband’s sake, not for me,” she said. “But my kids agreed with me—this was the right move for me.”

Carol says she knows God was leading her along the way, helping her downsize, choose the apartment view she wanted, and keeping her safe in a move during the pandemic. She has her car, but she’s happy to stay inside and to enjoy the all-inclusive lifestyle, which includes housekeeping and three meals a day.

“The food is excellent,” she says. “I had lemon cream pie for lunch today, and the soup is outstanding. I can’t say enough about the food—such variety!”

She’s also met some neighbors, and enjoys the friendly and helpful staff, who are working hard to keep all the residents safe and healthy during a difficult time. It has made Carol feel so much more confident and content in her life.

“I’m feeling like myself now,” Carol says. “You have to be thankful for what you have and what you can do. God has been good to me. He’s helped me through all the challenges and given me strength.”

She encourages everyone who is looking for senior living options to consider Village Woods. “This place is fantastic,” she says. “The people here are so good and so caring. I never thought in a million years I would be here. But here I am. And I’m so happy.”

Come for a visit and experience the friendly community at Village Woods for yourself.

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