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Village Woods

“I consider Village Woods a warm community.” - A Village Woods Testimonial

Catherine VanEck was tired of climbing ladders to wash her windows and decided it was time for a change. Much to the delight of her children, they did not have to twist her arm to move to a senior living community. After touring several options, her daughter-in-law’s mother recommended Village Woods and Catherine knew she had found her new home. She is happy she is close to her son, feels the campus is easy for people to find who want to come visit, and she has a great view from her window!

She attributes her love of grocery shopping to the fact that her father was a grocer. At Village Woods she is able to take the community bus to the grocery store where she still enjoys roaming the aisles. On the days where she isn’t up to making the trip herself, the staff are more than happy to lend a hand and do her grocery shopping for her.

Catherine also takes full advantage of the community puzzle room and is always up for a challenging puzzle to construct. She can choose from the wide variety available on site or puts together one of the many her son brings for her to work on.

She also enjoys the weekly Bible Study and worship services Village Woods offers, but is a little disappointed more of the residents do not get involved. “For some reason when you get out of your home situation, it doesn’t seem to matter to a lot of people anymore,” but adds with a smile that she and her friends are working on getting more people to attend.

As a retired operating room nurse, Catherine has always been a people person both professionally and personally. “It’s nice to have meals at Village Woods with other people, instead of sitting at home in my own kitchen by myself” says Catherine. She also appreciates being able to discuss the events of the day with her neighbors, some of whom have become very close friends she can confide in.

“I consider Village Woods a warm community and we have a lot of fun.”

She likes the fact that she does not have to worry about being alone and feels safe. “The staff at Village Woods is really concerned about our welfare and always friendly. I have not met an unfriendly staff member and I’ve been here almost five years now.”

Come for a visit and experience the friendly community at Village Woods for yourself.

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