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Park Place of St. John

“You’ll love it like I do.” - A Park Place of St. John Testimonial

Carolyn says that as soon as she walked into her apartment, she knew it was where she wanted to be. “I loved it right away,” she says. “And my townhome sold quickly as well. Everything just fell into place.” St. John was the perfect location for Carolyn, but what really drew her to Park Place was the faith-based foundation of the organization.…


Providence Life Services

Providence Chef Makes Each Meal a Memory: ‘It’s All about Family’

Tom’s been a Providence chef—sometimes cooking for residents, sometimes cooking for corporate events, but always just going wherever he’s needed most at the moment. And he’s loved every minute of it.…


Victorian Village

Making Mealtime an Experience: ‘Helping people is the biggest part of what we do.’

“I was raised around older adults,” Nicole Norton says, as she discusses a youth spent mostly with her sister, her grandma, and her great aunt, who lived in a senior apartment building. She and her sister would go door-to-door, asking if they could help take out garbage or do dishes or any other chore. That helping spirit stayed with her all her life.…


Park Place of St. John

“Life’s just easier here.” - A Park Place of St. John Testimonial

It didn’t take long for Herb & Kathleen to settle in at Park Place. They love the exercise classes (“I’ve lost weight since moving here,” Kathleen says, excitedly), Wii bowling, Bible study, and other activities, and they’ve met so many new friends. They also appreciate the way the staff has stayed involved in their lives. “They’re such caring staff,” Herb says. “They have such a sincere, Christian love for everyone here.”…