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How to Get the Most out of your Rehab Program

Getting the best therapy usually requires some research ahead of time. Make sure you consider not only the actual rehab services offered, but also the setting those services are offered in. If you are going to be staying somewhere for 30 days or longer, you want to enjoy the food, the social activities, the amenities, and the people.…


Providence at Home

Understanding In-Home Care: A Caregiver’s Introduction

When you or your parents arrive at a point where some in-home help would make life easier, there is a lot of information and jargon to sift through. Understanding some of the terms used by home health agencies and private duty services can give you more confidence when you start researching your options.…


Providence Life Services

Minimize Stress When You Visit Mom: 8 conversation ideas

Whether you’re the primary caregiver for Mom or Dad, or you live out-of-town and are planning a special visit, you’ve probably felt the strain of anticipating what often turns out to be an awkward visit. If your parent’s memory isn’t good, conversation can be difficult. And if the world has shrunk to a single room and a predictable routine, it can be hard to think of new things to talk about. Add to that the guilt you feel — about not wanting to go, about not going often enough, about letting your parents grow old — and your visit can easily become a source of stress. A little preparation can ease a lot of pressure. …

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Providence Life Services

Protecting Mom and Dad from Phone Fraud

If you are caring for Mom or Dad, be aware that con artists target senior citizens because too often they are easy prey. What makes seniors so susceptible?…