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Royal Park Place

Jane TenHarmsel's Royal Park Place Testimonial

When Jane toured Royal Park Place for the first time, she saw the Scripture on the wall, and knew she’d found her home. Since then she’s enjoyed her lifestyle, and the neighbors who have become her family.…


Royal Park Place

Hal Hively's Royal Park Place Testimonial

Hal had been living alone after the death of his wife, and lived on heating up frozen food. His daughter asked him to visit Royal Park Place, and Hal loved the community immediately. Since moving in, he’s felt at home.…


Royal Atrium Inn

Russell Borgman's Royal Atrium Inn Testimonial

As Russell’s healthcare needs progressed, his family knew he needed to move somewhere where he could get assistance. He loves the food and the people, and his family feels peace, knowing someone would check on Russell’s health when they couldn’t be there.…

Henry Ruth Teune

Royal Atrium Inn

Henry & Ruth Teune's Royal Atrium Inn Testimonial

Henry and Ruth met in college and experienced many of life’s milestones together, including making the move to Assisted Living at Royal Atrium Inn. They found an active community with compassionate staff—and a beautiful view out their window.…