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An Innovative Approach to Rehab.

If you are not familiar with the term “Small House,” that’s not surprising. The concept is somewhat new. Small Houses are a big idea because they are revolutionizing the traditional, institutional rehabilitation model. It’s a place where professional services and personal choices work side by side. What’s the difference?

the front of the building
people in the dining room

Smaller Architecture

Our Health & Wellness Center comprises three Small House buildings. Two of these are for long-term, skilled needs, but the largest building of the three is designed for up to 30 people to live while they receive top-quality short-term rehab. When you step inside, you’ll notice its reimagined architecture, which leads to greater independence. The central area invites you in with its open space. No long hallways mean that, at all times, you are just steps away from your private bedroom and from the community space in the rest of the home. It’s a perfect balance of private and public environments.

a woman working out

Flexible Programming

Not only are the accommodations beautiful, but we’ve also designed them so you can get real world practice at everyday skills. Therapists and staff work together to help people return to their highest level of independence following an injury or illness. Your therapist might help you fold a load of laundry, or set the table for dinner, or deliver mail to other clients. By the time you’re ready to return home, you’ll feel confident about picking up your life right where you left off!

sitting in the dining room

Collaborative Decision-Making

The team involves not only licensed therapists, nurses and care partners; it also includes you. In our communities, your input is welcomed and sought after. Because you know yourself best, we can use your insight to inform and guide your care. We work together to figure out what will be best for your overall health - you’re involved in all the decisions. Not just medications, but also meal planning and your social calendar.

See the Small House Difference.

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