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Voices from our Community

We hear so many stories of happy residents and their families. They’re glad they chose Park Place of St. John, and they want to tell you why. Here are some of their stories:


“She’s being well-taken care of, and it’s safe.”

— Mary & Kathleen

When Mary had to move out of her neighborhood of 55 years, coming to Park Place was a decision she made on her own. Her daughter Kathleen says, “The quality of the workers is the best, and she’s already met people from where she had grown up.”

“There was so much compassion.”

— Carol & Lorraine

Lorraine’s health needs had increased from assisted living to skilled nursing care, but the pandemic prevented Carol from touring communities to see their care firsthand. So she brought her mother to Park Place, the only place she could trust, part of an organization associated with senior living with over a century.

“You don’t have to worry about anything here.”

— Carol

After her husband died, Carol moved to Park Place for a simplified life. She found more than just the worry-free living she was looking for; she also found a warm community of friendly people who soon felt like family.

“This place has been good to us and for us.”

— Carroll & Ruth

After a successful careers in the business world, Carroll and his wife Ruth experienced health problems that led them to the ease of life at Park Place. They both visited Park Place Health & Wellness Center for rehab, and took advantage of the Campus Care program that gave them assistance in their apartment.

“I’m right where I belong.”

— Ralph

Ralph needed more healthcare assistance than his wife Judy could provide at their home. They chose to move Ralph to Park Place Health & Wellness Center, where he could receive personalized skilled nursing care at the unique Small House. He received a lifestyle designed for both his physical needs and his intellectual interests.

“This is a breath of fresh air.”

— Dean

When Dean learned he’d need rehabilitation therapy after his knee surgery, he and his wife Gail toured several facilities. They knew they wanted Park Place Health & Wellness Center as soon as they saw the unique layout. Dean credits the friendly, attentive staff with making his stay pleasant and his healing faster than the doctor expected.

“The staff were very skilled, but they were also very, very kind.”

— Diana

After a fall broke Diana's pelvic bone, her family worked together to find the rehab care she needed. Her children are the ones who researched and found Park Place. “They said everyone said that it was number one, so that’s where they picked,” she says. “And it was definitely the right choice.”

“It’s easy to meet people here.”

— Ernst & Marjorie

After years of living in a big house in Chicago, it was time for Ernst and Marjorie Carstensen to move. “Our house needed a lot of repairs,” Marjorie said. “It all just became too much to keep up with.” Since moving in to Park Place, they've both enjoyed meeting new people and enjoying all the active retirement community has to offer.