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Skilled Nursing Reimagined

When you need the highest level of skilled nursing care, you often receive that care in a clinical environment where your physical needs are met, but you never quite feel at home. The Park Place “Small House” approach to skilled nursing has turned that impression around by providing a home that de-institutionalizes care.

exterior shot of park place st John small house
a female healthcare worker takes vitals of senior male patient

Small House Skilled Nursing

A Small House is designed like a home, with flexible and personalized care – care that doesn’t simply meet state regulations, but that allows for an improved quality of life that promotes independence. With only 10 private room per house, as well as short hallways that lead to exquisitely designed spaces, this doesn't look like a nursing home. What you'll find are care partners that get to know the unique needs and interests of each person, and our residents enjoy life on their own schedule, just as they would at home, but with the healthcare oversight needed.

interior park place small house with linen and hardwood floors

Smaller Architecture

A Small House structure is designed like a home, not an institution. In our two skilled nursing buildings, 10 private rooms surround gracious living areas and a common kitchen. The smaller space means the walking distance from bedroom to living room is short enough for most people to navigate without assistance, giving them greater independence.

female cna helps three senior residents play game

Flexible Programming

Such increased independence leads to greater flexibility with programming. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Your schedule is formed around the natural rhythms of your daily life. Do you go to bed early or stay up late? Are you a morning person or need a nap during the day? Is a snack before bed a normal part of your routine? The Small House culture recognizes and allows room for different patterns. Your freedom is as important as your security.

male cna discusses care plan with residents

Collaborative Decision-Making

“Nothing about me without me” is the Small House motto, reinforcing the idea that no decision can be made about a resident’s care without input from the resident herself. Day-to-day, Small House residents are encouraged to participate in the life of the house to whatever extent they are able — helping with housekeeping, working in the garden, making decisions about outings, and more. Meals are prepared in an open kitchen and served at a large table where staff, residents, and families eat and socialize together. Such involvement reinforces a sense of purpose and value while exercising cognitive and motor skills. 

See the Small House Difference.

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