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A Community with a Legacy of Quality.

Park Place is thrilled to offer vibrant Retirement Living, right inside the Gates of St. John located in Northwest Indiana. Park Place of St. John is part of an organization that has been serving seniors for over a century. You can enjoy a retirement community that truly is a family of neighbors, and you’ll fall in love with our gorgeous apartments, available in a variety of floor plans.

three senior park place residents are served restaurant-style lunch by waiter

Innovative Living

While you enjoy some of the newest technology to make the most of your retirement years, you’ll also be a part of a rich tradition of senior service. At Park Place of St. John, the day is yours to enjoy however you'd like. Just sit back and enjoy all-inclusive, worry-free retirement living that you can trust.

"You just have more freedom."

We hear from so many Retirement Living residents like Judy that they love life at Park Place! Whether it’s the social atmosphere, the great food, or the ease of living—we have many happy people here.


Life Enriching Opportunities

When you move to retirement living at Park Place, our Life Enrichment staff will meet with you personally and get to know you and what you enjoy. We’ll make sure you know of any fun opportunities that seem to be right up your alley, and we’ll even add programming to make sure we offer the lifestyle you desire.

Of course, once you move here, you’ll make new friends, and you’ll be planning your own activities and outings. So take in a morning exercise class or spend a leisurely afternoon in our library and read a new book. Host brunch in your apartment, then head out shopping with your neighbors. Take an arts and crafts class, or join us on a bus ride to a new play or movie. How you spend your day is entirely up to you.


Chef-Inspired Dining

Even though each of our retirement living apartments has a full kitchen, we think you’ll spend most of your meals in our dining room, where you’ll enjoy a restaurant-style experience every day.

Not only will you be eating with friends, but you’ll be enjoying chef-prepared meals that have the perfect balance of flavor, nutrition, and presentation. Our dining services team will get to know your preferences and needs, and they’ll do whatever it takes to make your meal fantastic.

We generally offer two choices of entrée, but we also have everyday selections that you can enjoy instead. And dessert is always on the menu!

Your Choice of Apartment

We have several floor plans, so pick the one that best suits your lifestyle. Do you plan to have overnight guests? If so, you might want a two-bedroom, two-bathroom layout. For those who like to garden, you may want to pick an apartment with a patio or balcony. Find the right apartment for you!

An Exercise Program Tailored for You

If you’re hoping to exercise safely and effectively, we have the plan for you! We’re all on a different stage of our health journey, which is why our Well-Being™ senior fitness program is so important to our community.

Whether you’ve been physically active your entire life, or if working out is new to you, our trained fitness specialists will help you plan a program that fits your goals.

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Spiritual Support

We believe that caring for your spiritual life is just as important as caring for your body. For those who desire it, our on-staff chaplain is available to pray with you, and offer wisdom and counsel.

We also have volunteers who lead Bible studies, and many residents develop prayer groups together. Our staff check in with your needs to help you feed your spirit in the way you are most comfortable, whatever your church affiliation.


Balance & Fall-Prevention Technology

As we age, our balance changes, and the risk of falling increases, often leading to serious injury. Park Place can help reduce fall risk by using state-of-the-art 3D motion sensing technology to help identify weaknesses that increase your chances of falling.

After the assessment, we work together with your healthcare providers and our experts, and we proactively develop a plan to help reduce your fall risk. This program is included as part of your amenities when you live at Park Place.

Park Place LifeStyle Newsletter

If you want to see what life is like at Park Place, read our newsletter! It’s filled with fun photos, plans for upcoming events, resident spotlights, and so much more. It’s a great way to get to know the Park Place lifestyle.


In-Home Assistance

If you want to stay independent as long as possible, our retirement living amenities go a long way to help you. But if you need a little more assistance, we offer a program called Campus Care.

Campus Care is a comprehensive wellness system that helps you navigate your changing health needs. You can receive extra help with housekeeping, medication assistance, and grooming care. So whether you need a little help, or live-in assistance, we offer options to fit your life.


Healthcare Options, Right on Campus

One of the best things about choosing Retirement Living at Park Place is that you can rest assured that, if the time comes when you need additional assistance, we have services available to meet your needs.

Additionally, many of our residents have taken advantage of our sub-acute rehabilitation services at our Health & Wellness Center after an illness, accident, or injury, allowing them to get the care they need getting them back to the life they enjoy.

For others who require skilled nursing care, services are also offered in our Small Houses. It’s just part of the continuum of care we offer at Park Place of St. John.

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