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Assisted Living Designed Just For You

If you need to get some living assistance, but you're not willing to give up your independence, Assisted Living at Victorian Village may be just what you're looking for. When you’re ready for three restaurant-style meals a day, housekeeping and linen services, and access to 24/7 assistance if you need it, you’ll find all of that and more here.

senior victorian village resident smiles with his assisted living resident aide
an older woman on a bench outside enjoying victorian village walking paths with a nurse's hands on her shoulders

The Best of Both Worlds

At Victorian Village, we tailor our Assisted Living program to fit your specific needs. You’ll be offered a wide variety of activities and social opportunities that are customized to your interests and abilities. And while you’re enjoying our fine dining and life-enriching programs, you’ll also get just the right assistance you’re looking for.

It’s the best of both worlds—independence with assistance. So contact us today and see the freedom that comes with Assisted Living at Victorian Village.

Private Apartments

Victorian Village offers a variety of apartments, each waiting to be personalized with your favorite furnishings and mementos. Your Assisted Living apartment may include:

Three Levels of Care, including Memory Care
Bathroom with Safety Handrails and Heated Ceiling Lamps
All Utilities, Except Telephone and Cable Television
Weekly Housekeeping and Linen Service
24-Hour Emergency Response System

You don’t need a huge down payment to choose your Victorian Village apartment. All of our Assisted Living apartments in Homer Glen, IL. are available at a predictable monthly price – no buy-in or long-term commitment. Contact us to discuss the details of our monthly rates at (708) 301-0800.

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Assistance When You Need It

Experience peace of mind knowing that we can customize your care as your needs change – within the community you know, and with people you trust.

We offer multiple levels of Assisted Living care, including Memory Care. Plus, our campus includes the Victorian Courts (Townhomes), Grand Victorian (Retirement-Style Apartments), the Victorian Inn (Assisted Living and Memory Care), and the Health & Wellness Center (Skilled Nursing, Memory Care, and Rehab). Our residents find that having a range of services on the same campus allows them to maintain relationships, even as their health needs change.

Whatever healthcare services you’re looking for, you can feel at ease, knowing that we have a full continuum of care to meet your changing needs. You can choose just the right amount of care to maintain your independence. The choice is yours.

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We will work with you and your family to match our service options to your specific needs, and to preserve your independence as long as possible. Depending on your level of care, services may include:

  • Weekly linen change and housekeeping services
  • Bathing, toileting, and incontinence assistance, ensuring safety while preserving dignity
  • Personal grooming and dressing assistance
  • Escorting to and from meals and activities
  • Medication set-up, management, and reminders
  • Round-the-clock person-centered care by helpful staff

Our Providence at Home partners can provide additional services for different types of needs. You choose how much or how little help you need.

“She came here for safety, but she found friendship & independence.”

Bob discusses how he found peace of mind when his mother moved to Victorian Village.

older man's hands hold homemade card with American flag thinking of veteran's benefits

Veterans Aid & Attendance Benefits

If you are a veteran or the spouse of a veteran, and you require assistance with the activities of daily living, you may qualify for a financial benefit that will pay a portion of your monthly rental fee at our community. We can give you more information and help you apply for this program.

a healthcare worker and an elderly woman smiling

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is a senior living option that includes some nursing care and other supportive services. People choose assisted living when they need help with daily activities like getting dressed, bathing, managing their medications, making meals, doing laundry, or other tasks. A move into assisted living requires a healthcare assessment by a professional.

Although people sometimes confuse assisted living with nursing homes because they’re both residential options for older adults who need support, they are distinctly different. Designed with long-term care in mind, assisted living communities are residential, often apartment-style homes complete with kitchens or kitchenettes, laundry facilities, activities, dining programs and much more. For many seniors, assisted living is the best of both worlds, providing them with a home-like experience that leaves them free of a private home’s upkeep, yet independent and still part of a community. 

a healthcare worker helping an elderly man with his jacket

Who should consider assisted living?

One of the determining factors for whether assisted living is needed is considering a person’s ability to complete Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). The main ADLs include:

  • Personal hygiene and grooming.
  • Dressing and undressing.
  • Movement and mobility.
  • Toileting: continence-related tasks, including control and hygiene.
  • Eating: preparing food and feeding.

If you or your loved one struggles with one or more ADLs, it may be a signal to begin the process of reviewing options for assisted living. 

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When is it time to consider assisted living?

For seniors and their families, the thought of moving from their beloved home is agonizing, while others look forward to a life with fewer maintenance responsibilities. For many adult children, the decision to move their parents is based on realizing that they may need a little extra help and would benefit from a wide array of individualized services and new social outlets to combat the isolation they experience living at home alone. 

Moving to an assisted living community like Victorian Village does not mean a loss of independence. Quite the contrary, it’s a place that can maximize a senior’s freedom within a community. If you answer yes to three or more questions on the checklist below, it may be time to consider assisted living:

  • Is completing housework, yard work and home repairs a struggle? 
  • Is showering, bathing and dressing regularly without help a concern? 
  • Is mobility or balance a problem? Have there been increased incidents of falling? 
  • Are bills not being paid? 
  • Is scheduling and getting to regular medical appointments on time a problem?
  • Are medications not being taken when they should be? 
  • Is preparing proper nutritious meals a problem?
  • Is it challenging to maintain a healthy weight and get some form of regular exercise?
  • Do you worry about your loved one’s safety when they are alone? Do you worry if you can’t reach them by phone?
  • Is it difficult to maintain a social life? 
  • Is isolation a concern? 
  • Are there vision issues or physical limitations?
a healthcare worker and an elderly woman smiling

What's life like in an assisted living community?

At Victorian Village, residents are free to set their schedules in the privacy of their apartment or townhome. They can spend the day however they like, from taking a stroll along the walking paths of our 18 acres of manicured lawns, feasting on restaurant-style meals or preparing food in their kitchen, visiting with friends, or enjoying one of the many events offered.

At Victorian Village, the day is yours to enjoy however you'd like.

Six Reasons to Choose Assisted Living at Victorian Village

For many seniors, getting a little assistance can lead to greater independence. Here are six reasons why at Victorian Village, a little “Assisted” can mean a lot more “Living.”

1. Help with Everyday Tasks

Our compassionate Assisted Living staff is here to help with daily activities, while maintaining your independence. People choose Assisted Living when they need help with daily activities like getting dressed, bathing, managing their medications, making meals, doing laundry, or other tasks. Licensed staff are available around the clock to help people maintain as much independence as possible. Even if you don’t need that kind of help every day, Assisted Living gives people peace of mind. It’s nice to know help is there when you do need it.

2. Safe Living Environment

You want to make good, smart choices for your parents as their health starts to change. Maybe your father sometimes forgets to take his medication, or takes more pills than he should. Our Assisted Living services can provide just the help your parents need — in the graceful and dignified setting they deserve.

3. Physical Fitness

We all know the importance of staying physically active, but how many seniors actually have exercise equipment at home? At Victorian Village, we not only have group fitness classes, but we also have trained instructors to supervise and guide residents through classes such as breathing, balance, and stretching.

4. Healthy Meals

Maybe the last time you visited your mother’s house, you opened the fridge to find that it was no longer stocked with the fresh fruits and vegetables that Mom used to enjoy. For many people, grocery store trips and meal preparation becomes more difficult with age, leading to a lack of proper nutrition. When it’s time to eat, our residents simply visit our dining room where meals are served restaurant-style three times a day. Now that grocery shopping is no longer on her to-do list, Mom can spend her time and energy doing the things she enjoys.

5. Home Maintenance

Broken furnaces, icy driveways, clogged gutters – the responsibilities of home ownership can become overwhelming. Not to mention the cost of hiring a handyman or lawn service. Residents at Victorian Village don’t miss the maintenance that owning a home requires, and appreciate the fact that any problem they have can be solved with a simple phone call.

6. Socialization

Assisted Living opens opportunities for new friendships, new experiences, and new opportunities for socialization. Choosing Assisted Living can also ease the burden on your own relationships. We know we can’t take over your role in your loved one’s life — but by taking over some of the work, we can let you go back to being the daughter or spouse that you want to be.

Find the Freedom that comes with Assisted Living at Victorian Village.

Simply fill out the form and we will contact you.