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Exceptional Meals, Experienced Chefs

Sit back and relax as we serve you delicious, restaurant-quality food, and enjoy an experience that feeds your body and spirit. Enjoy meals that have just the right balance of flavor, nutrition, and presentation. You'll look forward to mealtime—and never cook over a hot stove again!

Enjoy mealtime without lifting a finger—just your fork!

Our team will work hard to get to know your preferences and dietary needs to make sure you have the dining experience you deserve. If you don’t like our main dish, you can always choose from the alternate entrée options, available at every meal.

In the Grand Victorian Retirement Living dining room, meal service is available from 12:00-5:00 p.m.

In the Victorian Inn Assisted Living and Small Houses, meals are served restaurant-style three times a day.

Complimentary self-serve snacks and coffee are available throughout the day.

chef Cindy Schaefer of Victorian Village

Meet the Chef —

Cindy Schaefer

Victorian Village Dining Services Director

Victorian Village is fortunate to have a talented kitchen staff, led by Cindy Schaefer. Besides offering a diverse menu that includes everything from Hoisin Barbecue Meatballs, to Shepherd’s Pie, to the Catch of the Day, she also creates delightful meals for residents with dietary restrictions. 

If you come on the right day, you just may be treated to one of Chef Cindy’s famous cooking demonstrations!