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Their Stories

Our residents and their families experience the warm community and compassionate care that makes Victorian Village special. Whether we did something special just for them, or were simply present when they needed us, these lovely people give their appreciation with these kind words.

close up of woman's hand writing victorian village testimonial

“People here know what you’re going through.”

— Annette

Annette found support and friendship from fellow widows at Victorian Village after she lost her husband.

“She came here for safety, but she found friendship & independence.”

— Bob

Bob discusses how he found peace of mind when his mother moved to Victorian Village.

“We wanted it to be our decision.”

— Jean & Ray

Jean and Ray decided to downsize and move to Victorian Village before their health made that change mandatory. Over a decade later, they’re still enjoying all the community has to offer.

“I’m very, very happy I made the choice to come here.”

— Pat

Pat enjoys the activities and amenities at Victorian Village, but the staff and her fellow residents really make her feel at home.

“Potlucks once a month, a New Year’s Eve party, cards at the Community Center—just great neighbors and friends!”

— Wanda

Wanda loves life at her Victorian Village townhome, but she also gives back by volunteering her time with the rest of the community.

“After my stay here, I certainly didn’t want to go anywhere else.”

— Nancy

Nancy chose rehab at Victorian Village after her knee replacement; in fact, she chose it again when she replaced her other knee!