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Fighting Allergies with Nutrition

Spring for many people is the start of allergy season. Good nutrition year-round can give you the energy you need to care for others as well as yourself. But during allergy season, the right foods can also help you minimize your body’s response to allergens.…


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3 Surprising Heart-Health Tips

February is American Heart Month, so in addition to celebrating love and romance and Valentine’s Day, many people are re-committing to healthy living. After all, healthy habits can help ensure that you and your loved ones will be able to enjoy each other’s company for a long time.…

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Providence Life Services

Understanding Dementia

An estimated 5 million Americans suffer some degree of dementia, and that number will grow as our population ages. Dementia affects approximately 1% of people in the 60-64 age group, and the percentage jumps to 30-50% of people older than 85 years. It is the leading reason families begin researching nursing homes or other skilled care options. …


Providence Life Services

Preventing Bedsores

What is a bedsore? A pressure ulcer, sometimes called a “bedsore,” is an injury caused by unrelieved pressure on a specific area of the skin. Pressure ulcers begin as reddened areas, and without proper circulation and nutrition they can develop into damaged skin and tissue. Pressure ulcers most commonly occur on bony parts of the body that sustain pressure when a person sits or lies for long periods of time. When pressure squeezes the blood vessels that deliver nutrients and oxygen to the skin, the skin begins “starving” to death.…