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Royal Atrium Inn

“You don’t have to be afraid of being alone.” - A Royal Atrium Inn Testimonial

For Margaret, Royal Atrium Inn was the only assisted living community she considered. “I remembered it from my mom and I had good memories of her being here. She was well taken care of,” Margaret says. “I knew I’d get the help I needed.”…


Royal Atrium Inn

“Everybody’s happy here. And I am, too.” – A Royal Atrium Inn Testimonial

When MaryLou Aukeman’s husband Owen and their sons designed and built the Royal Park campus decades ago, she knew one day she’d live at the campus herself. “There was no doubt,” MaryLou says. “My husband and I were both so in love with it here already.” …


Royal Atrium Inn

A Lasting Friendship: Royal Atrium Inn Residents Reconnect After Eighty Years

Not only did Pauline and Florence attend the same school, but they were also the only two students in their graduating class. The women couldn’t believe they had found each other after over eighty years had passed since their classroom days.…


Royal Atrium Inn

“Life is good here.” – A Royal Atrium Inn Testimonial

As a retired construction company owner, Fred Jacobs has always been a man with a plan. After a few falls, it was clear Fred needed to live somewhere with healthcare assistance if needed. Fred found a welcoming Assisted Living community at Royal Atrium Inn, and his wife enjoys the freedom of retirement with an apartment at Royal Park Place, the Independent Living community located on the same campus. …


Royal Atrium Inn

“Knowing she was where people cared—that was wonderful.” - A Royal Atrium Inn Testimonial

Shortly after her husband died, Alma announced to her family that she was ready for a move. She didn’t need her big condo anymore, and she knew that she would enjoy a move to a retirement community, where someone else could do the cooking and cleaning, and she could focus on the things she enjoyed. …


Royal Atrium Inn

“I couldn’t think of a better place to live.” A Royal Atrium Inn Testimonial

Long before the pandemic hit, Linda Marshall was planning a move to the Zeeland area, and she was hoping her father Ed Gannaway would move with them. Ed lived in a lovely independent living community in the Ann Arbor area, but his need for assistance had increased, and they knew they wanted to keep him close. The family researched 10 different Assisted Living communities before finding Royal Atrium Inn. …