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Royal Park Place

“I just love everybody here” – A Royal Park Place Testimonial

Grace Elzinga, Royal Park Place resident

Grace Elzinga was living in a different retirement community, “and I liked it just fine,” she says. But then she went to visit her good friends’ home at Royal Park Place, and she felt a difference immediately. “I said, ‘Oh, I’d love to live here.’” But Royal Park Place didn’t have any open apartments.

So Grace did what she always does when faced with a dilemma: she prayed. “I said, ‘if I’m supposed to go to Royal Park, then there will be a room empty.’ And the next morning, I learned that there were four open units because people moved from independent to assisted living.”

She’s very thankful a door opened for her at Royal Park Place, and her positive attitude and joyful disposition has been a great addition to the community. Grace has an apartment across from the nurses’ office, and she always keeps her candy dish full for them. She can often be seen knitting with friends in her usual corner of the community, laughing and talking and enjoying life.

“Sometimes we have to add more chairs because so many people come and join in on the fun,” she says.

She appreciates the delicious meals she gets at Royal Park Place. “The food is so good here, and it’s always hot,” Grace says. “The dining staff is so friendly, and they work hard here. They put in that extra effort and make sure everyone is having a good time.”

Grace loves all the community has to offer, from spiritual services, to exercise classes, to piano recitals from children in the community. But Grace also plans her own fun. “I play Skipbo at night with four girls here,” she says. “We can do our own thing, too. I like that.”

The people she’s met and the friendships she’s made are what she treasures most. “Such a Christian attitude here with the people,” she says. “And today, I walked with a lady from breakfast and we sang down the hall. I love to sing. And I said, ‘We’re caroling.’” Grace laughs. “’It’s not Christmas, but we’re caroling.’ I just love people, so for me, this is the place to be. It’s fun here.”

If you visit Royal Park Place and want to meet Grace, just follow the sound of laughter and see where all the fun is, and you’ll probably find her. “I just love everybody here,” she says, and the feeling is mutual.

Come for a visit and experience the friendly community at Royal Park Place for yourself.

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