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Royal Park Place

“It’s the kind of place where we laugh together & pray together.” - A Royal Park Place Testimonial

Norm & Carol have lived at Royal Park Place for a while, and they’ve developed a routine. Each day at 5:00 a.m., they wake up, go downstairs to the dining room, and set tables for the daily meal. This volunteer work takes them about an hour and a half, leaving just enough time for Norm to make some breakfast in their kitchen before they sit down to listen to one of their favorite television preachers at 7:00 a.m. “We’re both early risers,” Carol says, “so this is a great way to start our day.”

Indeed, this couple is quite active. In fact, Norm still works part-time when he wants to, and they’re both heavily involved in activities in the community, especially Wii Bowling. So why would two active people who really don’t need any help leave their townhome and move to a retirement community?

“I was happy living in the condo,” Norm says. “But our financial advisor had mentioned to Carol that we should put our name on a waiting list at Royal Park Place, just in case the time came when we needed it.” And when a friend of theirs at Royal Park Place was selling his apartment, Norm and Carol decided this was the time to move. “I just felt it was God leading,” Carol says. “It felt right. It felt good.”

They feel it’s been a great choice for them. “Together, we meet a lot of seniors like us,” Norm says. “We enjoy company, so for me, this is wonderful. And if you have a neighbor that needs a little help, you’re there to help them.”

Carol agrees. “For me, it’s a safe place. If Norm is working, and I’m done with housework, I go down the hallway and look for company. There’s always other people looking for company, too. I never have to be alone if I don’t want to be. It’s the kind of place where we laugh together and pray together.”

Carol urges others to move sooner rather than later. “What I say is not to wait too long, especially for couples. If you have health problems, it’s helpful to be here when issues increase. The staff is good. But if you do become a widow, and you’re already here, you’re already acclimated, and you’re not alone.”

“Your neighbors here want to help you,” Norm agrees. “You’ll always have friends here who care.”

Norman and Carol Umpstead, Royal Park Place residents

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