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A Continuum of Care, Just For You!

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Many older adults are investing in a CCRC, or a continuum of care retirement community, and for good reason. They want to know that they can move to one campus that can satisfy their changing health care needs, should they arise.

Irene finished mowing her lawn, and took a moment to rest in her back yard, wiping sweat from her forehead. She looked at the beautiful yard where her children played growing up, and where her grandchildren now visit. Beyond the yard, she saw her house, a home where she had lived with her husband for 42 years, where she had raised four children. She loved her house and the memories it held for her. 

But recently widowed at age 70, she didn’t want to mow her lawn or rake her leaves anymore. She didn’t want to spend her day dusting and sweeping in her four-bedroom house. Her kids had talked to her about downsizing, and Irene decided she was finally ready—but where should she go? Should she move to a condo down the street in an apartment building just for seniors? Or should she move to a senior living community that offered a continuum of care? 

Irene is one of many retirees who are ready to take the step to maintenance-free senior living, but are not sure which path to take. And while many people enjoy rich, fulfilling lives in senior condos, they don’t provide any medical or health assistance. A continuum of care community offers the independence you want, but assistance when you need it. Many of Providence’s senior communities offer different levels of care, all on the same campus.

A continuum of care community offers the independence you want, but assistance when you need it.

Continuum_of_Care_Portrait_4_350x350.pngLocated in Homer Glen, Victorian Village offers a continuum of care on their campus. Seniors looking for retirement living can choose to live in The Courts, a cluster of townhomes, or at the Grand Victorian, where several different apartment styles are available. Both the Courts and Grand Victorian residents are able to take part in various activities and outings suited for people who don’t need assistance, but want to enjoy a maintenance-free lifestyle. When the time comes that their health needs become greater, they have two options: they can hire in-home services from Providence at Home, or they can move to another building on campus: the Victorian Inn.

Residents at the Victorian Inn are able to receive assistance with the activities of daily living, as well as specialized Memory Care services that they may need. They also have access to activities and events tailored with their needs in mind. While the Grand Victorian and the Victorian Inn both have separate entertainment and events planned, they mingle with each other. 

“We encourage people to cross over as much as possible,” Connie Jaros, Life Enrichment Director at Victorian Village says. “Because people move over to the Inn from the Grand fairly often, they usually have friends in both levels of care. We do have three separate calendars for all three levels of care, but everyone still enjoys the same activities together.”

Continuum_of_Care_Portrait_3_350x350.pngWhen residents’ physical needs become more advanced, they move to the Small Houses at Victorian Village. In the Small House, residents enjoy a large common area and an open kitchen and eating space, with plenty of room to sit and visit with family. Small houses have only ten people, each living in private rooms. Care Partners are able to provide the attentive skilled nursing and memory care residents need. Residents are also offered activities specifically designed for their lives in a setting that looks and feels like home, and often join residents from the Grand Victorian and Victorian Inn for entertainment and events.

Post-acute rehabilitation care is also offered Small-House style. When residents at Victorian Village need rehab services after an illness, injury, or surgery, they often choose to complete rehab right at Victorian Village, in the same community where they live. They receive skilled rehab services from health professionals who work to get them back on track and ready to go home.

Many families choose a continuum of care community because of the comfort and peace of mind they receive.

Many families choose a continuum of care community because of the comfort and peace of mind they receive, knowing that all their care can be provided on one campus, and they will never have to move simply because of an increase in their care needs.





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